It reads like one of those great, underdog sports team movie scripts. Daktronics, founded in 1968 by a couple of electrical engineering university professors in South Dakota, gets its first patent three years later, goes public in 1994 and triumphs yet again at MSG on October 25, 2013.

New GardenVision at Madison Square Garden

That’s the day the company’s custom-designed, center-hung multi-media component GardenVision will be officially unveiled at Madison Square Garden. The specs:

- Four main video displays 15’7″ tall by 28 feet wide;
- Four auxiliary video displays six feet tall by 29 feet wide;
- Four curved displays matching the height of the main video displays;
- Four curved displays matching the height of the auxiliary displays;
- An ID ring LED panel that is more than two feet tall and circles the entire top;
- Internal Wi-Fi, IT and broadcast equipment designed to improve Wi-Fi coverage throughout the Arena and provide “new unique and compelling camera angles” for MSG Network.

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