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Weiner Dodges WaPo ‘Worst Campaign of 2013′

TheFixLogoThe choice by Chris Cillizza today of Chris Quinn over Anthony Weiner for the worst political campaign of 2013 has baffled a number of WaPo readers. We share the commenters’ befuddlement.

Then again, per an exclusive MAD magazine preview  today on The Huffington Post, even when Weiner is comically paired with former would-be Comptroller Eliot Spitzer for a Wangs of New York poster (complete with bulging NYC skyline), it’s still not good enough for top spot on “20 Dumbest Things of 2013.” So maybe Cillizza isn’t entirely off the off-base.

Expect to see plenty more Weiner roasts between now and the waning hours of New Year’s Eve. Elsewhere today for example, USA TODAY Network’s Ashley M. Williams leads off her rhetorical rundown of dingbats with Weiner, followed by Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, Alec Baldwin and others.

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Viral Video’s Panel at Netroots Nation

On the final day of Netroots Nation was the Viral Video panel with some hard-hitters in the “industry.” The moderator was Mathew Filipowicz a comedian and film maker at Headzup. On the panel was Sam Seder of Air America, Jason Barnett of TheUptake, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks Andy Cobb the “Mouthpiece Theater” Killer.

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“Mouthpiece Theater” Has Been Killed

WaPo announced it’s canceling “Mouthpiece Theater.” Really? Did someone get the note the name sounds like a spoofy porn title? Or a nickname to the Tomkat Theater in WeHo? Get it – it’s sounds like a oral sex on a dude and how that can’t be AT ALL funny is the greatest mystery of this whole ordeal.

Howard Kurtz writes:

Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli killed the satirical video series Wednesday after harsh criticism of a joke about Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, which had prompted him to pull the latest episode from the paper’s Web site Friday night. The Post staffers who appeared in the videos, Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza, agreed with the decision and apologized in separate interviews.

Plus we like to think the the death (ahem) blow was made by Andy Cobb‘s brilliant parody we posted yesterday. The other version is the web series imploded under the weight of its own lameness. Either way.

Andy Cobb Takes on Mouthpiece Theater

Andy Cobb is hilarious. We’re huge fans. And his latest video is inspired. WaPo has been doing this schlocky Mouthpiece Theater with Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza and Cobb has an answer for it.

Previously on FBLA:

  • This is Andy Cobbs Best Work Thus Far

  • Morning Media Menu: Monday, Monday! Edition

    mornmm.gifToday on the Menu (admittedly through the fog of flu) Steve and I talk about Chris Matthews renewing his MSNBC contract — Steve is slightly skeptical of my theory that rumors Matthews took a pay cut might only endear him further to a public enraged by executive bonuses.

    We also discuss WebNewser’s scoop that ABC is having to change the name of their daily Web show from “The Fix” to something else (Steve says it could be “The Quick Fix,” and looks like he’s right) because Chris Cillizza has been writing a blog under that name since 2005 — it’s still unclear how ABC missed this in the naming process. And finally, will bloggers pay for online news? I say yes, Steve says maybe. Also, how long till paid content becomes a reality? I think we should start a bracket. You can listen to all the past podcasts at and call in at 646-929-0321.

    WaPo Forces ABC to ‘Fix’ Its Web Series Name


    ABC News‘ decision a few weeks back to name their new daily Web series ‘The Fix’ struck more than a few people as strange. Those of you who follow politics will already know that Chris Cillizza has been writing a well-read blog for the Washington Post titled ‘The Fix‘ since 2005 and more recently his very active Twitter feeds took up the name. Was ABC unaware? Unclear (though it is a little like WaPo launching a Web series called ‘The Note’).

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    WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza on Twittering the WH Briefings: ‘You Have to Recognize the Ridiculous in Order to Also See the Sublime’

    hyperggggfx.pngWelcome to the Internet Presidency where Barack Obama gets to keep his Blackberry and journalists Twitter White House briefings. During the campaign, which among other things completely transformed how politicians will use the online world going forward, Obama talked a lot about how he intended to bring a level of transparency to this administration by making as much information as possible available to the public via the Web. His radio addresses, which are simultaneously posted on YouTube, are early evidence of this, as are many of the proposed changes on However! Thus far (two weeks in) it looks as though it is those journalists covering the administration who are the ones truly forging ahead.


    Behold Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post who has been twittering Robert Gibbs‘ daily briefings at TheHyperFix since they began. “The old days of journalism where we simply put out the paper and assume people will find it and read it are over,” he tell us. No kidding. For the political junkies in the audience it’s a great peek behind the curtain into the very small, and previously very elite, White House press room. Also Cillizza, who demonstrates a near encyclopedic knowledge of who’s who in the room, where they sit, and their journalism background (also, from time to time, fashion choices), makes for a great tour guide. It’s a bit like a pool report but in 140 characters doses.

    We caught up with Cillizza, who likens his twitter feed to a political version of Mystery Science 3000, to ask him what it’s like to be leading the 2.0 charge in the hallowed halls of the White House briefing room, whether Gibbs is actually controlling the Dow, and why he says there is no “right” way to cover the White House.

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    Election Day ’08: Where to Watch Online


    The New York Observer has put together a comprehensive guide to watching the returns online including links.

    The Washington Post is anchoring live Election Day video on tonight beginning at 6 pm ET, which will combine the Post‘s and Newsweek‘s political teams including: Chris Cillizza, Jon Meacham, Dana Priest, E.J. Dionne, Len Downie, Dana Milbank, and Jonathan Alter. Users will also be able to interact with guests during the show through a live discussion platform below the video screen.

    Finally, our very own TVNewser will be liveblogging all the election coverage tonight and if you’re not already following FishbowlDC‘s Twitter you definitely should start.

    DNC ’08: FBNY Gets Its Fix With Chris Cillizza

    Back at the DNC last Thursday, just prior to Obama’s INVESCO speech (a time and place that currently feels about a million years ago, and an oasis of non-police presence away) FBNY was lucky enough to find itself taking advantage of the kindness of the WaPo press tent and sharing a table with the inimitable Chris Cillizza (The Fix is a longtime favorite).

    We asked him a whole bunch of questions about how this year’s convention chalked up to previous ones, how Bill Clinton’s oratorial skills compared to Obama’s, what Hillary’s future may hold for her, and, of particular interest at the moment, how Gustav might effect RNC coverage. Because we happened to be sharing camera time with Eat the Press’ Rachel Sklar we decided to do a ‘pool report.’ The video in full is above, The part where Cillizza talks about Gustav begins around 8:06.