nyu.jpgNYU business professor Reed Martin has decided that he can teach the up-and-comers in the film biz about the film biz.

He convinced Farrar, Strauss & Giroux to publish his tome in January. It ostensibly looks to dissect the marketing strategies that face the independent filmmakers across the country.

Per an email Martin sent to mediabistro.com founder Laurel Touby as well other colleagues in the media:

“I have been working on it forever and ever and it’s finally done. In this down economy, more people than ever are going to try to make their first film for Sundance but many have no idea of what they are about to put themselves and their significant others through.

My book contains interviews with 100 biggest names in the indie sector talking about what they wish they had known before they started and the pitfalls that almost stopped them cold. It’s called “The Reel Truth” and it’ll be out shortly after the new year. But, if I can get enough pre-orders, I can get a Barnes & Noble tour set up. So I am trying to get the word out now.

It’s the perfect thing for the aspiring Chris Nolan or the Miranda July or the aspiring Tarantino in everyone’s family.”

Having contributed before to a film marketing book, all we can say is GOOD LUCK. Those books are nightmares to sell.