There are number of remarkable things to note about Jon Hotchkiss’ science-experiment TV series This vs. That: he turned down deals with a couple of U.S. networks in favor of funding the program himself; he edits on a pair of Avids in his Sherman Oaks garage; and his triumvirate of male hosts connects to everything from Improv comedy to the old FOX game show Studs.

But most remarkable of all is the fact that Hotchkiss has already sold his first batch of six one-hour episodes to TV channels in a dozen countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Israel among them). With the program now set to make its unconventional U.S. debut.

“I’m likely going to go with Vimeo in January,” Hotchkiss tells FishbowlLA via telephone of his American roll out plans. “They have a new platform that allows content creators to set their own price. And they are taking 50% less money than iTunes.”

“I’m still figuring out pricing, but what I’m thinking is something like giving the first part of each episode for nothing and then, if viewers want to see the rest, they can pay a dollar or two. For people like me to get original content out that is at the same level of what would be on a TV network, consumers have to pay something. But the good news is that it doesn’t need to be a lot.”

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