There is absolutely no trace of today’s newspaper tweet, Facebook and “Like Us” madness in the daily routine of Chuck Lutz, the 68-year-old custodian of the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner‘s former downtown headquarters. A fact that LA Times columnist Steve Lopez suggests¬†should make for a smooth transition to retirement January 9:

Think about it. Lutz’s boss [Hearst Corporation] is 400 miles away in San Francisco. The checks never bounce. He gets to work before traffic is a problem, and his most arduous task on many days is to watch the minutes tick away until he punches out at 2 p.m. and goes home to Mission Hills to walk the dogs.

Good for him. The last edition of the Herald-Examiner (pictured) was published November 2, 1989. But Lutz remained at the 11th & Broadway building to let in film crews and make sure nothing (too) out of the ordinary occurred.

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