Claire Bidwell Smith, blogger, volunteer,writer and psychotherapist, wrote a book in 10 weeks. She’s leaving LA for Chicago, but found the time to tell us about the process.

FBLA: Once you quit your job, and committed to the book–any tricks/techniques that kept you writing, rather than all those little tasks that distract the rest of us from writing?

CBS:It was definitely a daunting task. I really quit my job–my “pay the rent 9-5, benefits, vacation, etc.” job–on a whim. I suddenly just knew that it was time to write this book I’d been talking about writing for so long. I realized that it was never going to be the right time, that all those things I was waiting for to fall in place–finishing grad school, having enough money, etc.–might not ever just fall into place and that if I really wanted to write this book I just had to do it. It felt like jumping backwards off a cliff.

And I took it really seriously. I mean, you don’t quit your job to write a book and then not write the book, right?

Part of taking it seriously meant preparing. I told everyone in my life what I was doing and that I was dropping out my social scene for a while. I cleaned my whole house, getting everything really organized. I bought a lovely new desk (my old one was really a cluttered mess) and I stocked my kitchen with a lot of healthy brain food and strong coffee.

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