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George W. Sweeps the 2008 SPOGG Awards

March 4th is National Grammar Day. The day we donate all our typos to charity.

And it’s the time for the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar to hand out their awards for the worst.

From their site:

This year, the award goes to President George W. Bush, who does not realize the plural of “child” is “children,” not “childrens.”

He beat Paris Hilton, who produced T-shirts that say “THATS HOT” without the apostrophe, and Courtney Love, who generates so many errors per inch of text on her blog that even the best instruments known to grammar scientists have failed to record them all.

Poor Courtney – she just can’t catch a break from anyone…

The New York Times: Shedding a Tear For the Way Celebrities Live Now’s a nice servicey piece from the today’s NYT should you suddenly find yourself famous and departing from a Manhattan courthouse. The Times has compiled of short history of celebrity exits from 100 Centre St (complete with slideshow!). We’re not sure what brought on the timing of this piece — it’s not like there’s been a recent rash of celebrity arrests or trials. So yeah, apparently a slow news week for everyone!

It takes only a few seconds to get from the courthouse to the curb outside. Depending on the day, time, weather, the severity of one’s offense or one’s prominence, they can be among the most arduous and downright irritating steps a person can take…It is often along this path that fame and curiosity collide with colorful consequences, as celebrities attempt to evade, or occasionally exploit, the ever-expanding hordes of gawking fans, reporters, microphones and cameras.

Yep, all the news that’s fit to make you gag. Anyway, some more highlights after the jump.

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Weiner’s TRO and The Curious Case of Jim Taricani

Allison Hope Weiner might want to do some research into the curious case of Jim Taricani, the Providence, RI investigative reporter who did 6 months for refusing to name a source.

Weiner, readers may recall, got served a temporary restraining order aimed at stopping her from posting audio tapes of Anthony Pellicano and his clients on her HuffPost blog. The NY Times made the tapes available as well (Pellicano and his indicted lawyer Terry N. Christensen), but where’s their TRO? Christensen’s trial will start about a month after Pellicano’s ends, and his legal team says that the tapes compromise his right to a fair trial.

The NYT has lawyers just sitting around, waiting for someone to try interfere with freedom of the press, but is the Huffington Post likely to stand by their blogger? Weiner’s represented by Theodore J. Boutrous Jr. of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher. The hearing hasn’t been scheduled yet.

While covering the Plunder Gate case of former Providence mayor Vincent A. “Buddy” Cianci Jr, Tarcani received a surveillance tape from a source to whom he promised anonymity, and aired it, in defiance of a federal court order against the dissemination of such evidence. He was cited for contempt of court, fines ratcheted up, and he did 6 months of home confinement, with NBC underwriting his legal defense.

Robert Iafolla, writing in the LA Daily Journal, takes the “it can’t happen here” tone. Weiner’s CDs were subject to a protective order issued in April 2006, although she’s not actually bound by that order. It’s a safe bet that Pellicano didn’t give them to her, and unlikely that she found them at a yard sale, so that leaves, oh, who knows? the defense team?

The whole motion is probably designed not to not put a gag order on Weiner but to get her testimony per the source of whoever actually violated the protective order. Or course, that puts the Huffington Post in an uncomfortable spot.

HuffPo Blogger Weiner Served –Restraining Order at Pellicano Trial

March Bazaar: High School Musical Francis Cobain

Glossed Over takes a look at the March Bazaar. There’s a self-serving service piece that explains why luxury goods cost so much:

…the article gets progressively more grating, predictably returning to the justification of the positively vulgar price tags of luxury goods. What else can be expected from people whose livelihoods are dependent on the public buying costly stuff they don’t need?

also has the most embarrassing celebrity fashion spread in months–Francis Bean Cobain, all puppy fat and potty mouth, posing uncomfortably as characters from her favorite musicals. She’s fifteen, and you know as well as we do, it’s no good asking where her mother, Courtney Love, is or what she was thinking. The shots are hardly photographer Jeff Reidel’s best work, and she looks both pretty and mortified. Proud mama’s remarks:

She’s a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, like me.


Courtney Love: It’s A Matter of Size

The Stiletto Blog lives up to its name by impaling Courtney Love and People at the same time.

Love claims to have gained 52 pounds eating brown mush prepared by a macrobiotic chef, and then lost it by sheer force of will:

All my [size] sixes and eights are on eBay. Most of the money is going to the Chrysalis Foundation for battered women in L.A. The other is Fair, which is fairness and accuracy in reporting which is a media watchdog group. They’re both fabulous.

The high-heeled blogger points out:

How credulous (that’s just a polite way of saying “stupid”) does one have to be to believe that a woman who is 182 pounds can fit into a size 6 or 8?

Sting allegedly told Love to lose the love-handles.


But Love’s not going to extremes:

If I got under 120lbs that would be a problem–I’d start looking like a crazy person.

Courtney Love On Despicable Kurt Cobain Ad Campaign


Courtney Love has convinced punk shoe brand Dr. Martens to drop their ad campaign featuring her dead husband, Kurt Cobain. Corbis licensed the images to Saatchi & Saatchi for the campaign, and in the UK, didn’t need publicity clearance from deceased celebs. Translation: Love didn’t get paid. Tony Pierce grilled Kate Stanners, the Saatchi account exec. about the ads.

Love, whose good taste is legendary, complained that the use of Cobain’s image without permission is despicable.

Selling off his childhood possessions is not.

Use of Cobain’s music in CSI:Miami is not.

The ringtone contest is not.

Kurt Cobain, who shot himself in 1994, earned over $50 million last year.

Vodka Co. Sponsors Lindsay Lohan-Hosted Nylon Party


Drink it up

To celebrate its “Young Hollywood” issue, Nylon magazine is throwing a party next week at the Meatpacking District’s Tenjune — sponsored by Trump vodka — hosted by the epitome of Young Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan.

And it’s a perfect fit for a vodka company. Lohan, of course, doesn’t turn 21 until July 2, and has spent the last year in and out of rehab with Courtney Love-like frequency.

It’s a perfect fit for Nylon‘s cover, too: GQ lost a number of its regular alcohol advertisers when it featured the underage Lohan on the cover of its April issue.


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  • Lindsay Lohan: The Press Release
  • Watching The Paparazzi Watch Lindsay Lohan Shop @ Chanel
  • Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Mind Paparazzi At Birthday Parties For Entourage Cast Members
  • Sundown on Sunset


    Fire in the Hollywood Hills.

    Quinceanera might become a series.

    Mia Farrow doesn’t seem too worried about starring in E.T.: Back on Planet Earth or any other Spielburg opus.

    John Travolta is ready to move back to the mothership, if global warming gets worse.

    Courtney Love cares only that her self-esteem is limitless and intact.

    The LA Times might think Donald Trump is a figure of fun, but wait til he’s the boss. Or some other rich guy takes over.

    Britney and Kevin are finally split up.

    Persecution of Christians goes on–Chris Sligh booted from American Idol.

    The LA Times should get an online game–Be An Editor–just like Seventeen.

    Miss America dumped by CMT. Second Life, anyone?

    Sundown on Sunset


    Daylight Savings Time: Clocks move ahead one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 11, 2007.

    Courtney Love spent three months at a Newport Beach rehab facility in 2005 and has since ignored demands to pay the outstanding $181,000 bill. If it didn’t work, why should she pay?

    Boredom strikes deep in the Heartland, when some fool tried to recreate a stunt from Jackass by lighting his genitals on fire. And get this–he was drunk, too!

    Bill Gates
    is the richest guy in the world.

    The LA Times shuffles the Op-Ed writers around. You’d think Arianna Huffington wouldn’t need the $750.

    Selma Hayek is engaged to funny-lookin’ French beau Francois-Henri Pinault and she’s pregnant. He’s the CEO of the firm that owns Gucci and YSL.

    has a new site.

    Rachel Ray
    thinks Dunkin’ Donuts has a “team of chefs”. Is it just us or is she really dumb?

    AP Ends Blackout On Paris

    ParisHilton_mic.jpgIt lasted but a week. The Associated Press’ experimental blackout on news about Paris Hilton is over.

    The AP’s Jocelyn Noveck delivers the sad news:

    So you may have heard: Paris Hilton was ticketed the other day for driving with a suspended license. Not huge news, even by celebrity- gossip standards. Here at The Associated Press, we put out an initial item of some 300 words. But it actually meant more to us than that. It meant the end of our experimental blackout on news about Paris Hilton.

    So what did we miss during “blackout week”? The AP bravely didn’t mention Hilton’s birthday party (“at which a drunken friend reportedly was ejected by security after insulting Paula Abdul and Courtney Love“), nor a promotional visit to Puerto Rico to hawk her fragrance. But her name did slip into copy “unintentionally three times, as background: in stories about Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, and even in the lead of a story about Democrats in Las Vegas.”

    One question, AP: How can “Paris Hilton” just slip in “unintentionally three times”?