We think it’s flippant, reactionary and trivializing to call someone a racist. It’s like calling someone you disagree with a Nazi. Really? They actually share Adolph Hitler’s views? Or you just think they’re bossy?

Anyway, we think WorldDailyNet‘s Craig R. Smith‘s ‘slip’ is showing:

If Barack Obama is to become our 44th president, it will be heralded as a moment of historic significance unlike any other. However, I think many are missing the real reason why.

It’s because Barack Obama will be our first hip-hop president.

I can only imagine how the world will embrace the leader of the free world when he introduces other foreign leaders with, “give it up for my man Vladimir.” Giving “props” for joining us in a treaty. Or the first lady Michelle talking about “my man” the “daddy of my babies” when referring to the president. That should go over well everywhere from 10 Downing Street right on down to the streets of the Middle East.

And he goes on:

After a few months on the job he can refer to his cabinet members as his “bitches.” Hey don’t get angry at me. Take a listen to any hip-hop song, and that is the type of endearing language you will hear. A group of playas that have no respect for the country. The same country that affords them a lifestyle most people only dream of, and all they can do is endlessly complain about it.

First – it’s “baby daddy” not “daddy of my babies”. And second…we think this might be uh…seriously racist. When they stop being ‘points’ in an op/ed and become paranoid fantasies about a group of people different from yourself…yeah, that’s racism.