oprahwww.jpgIt’s Friday and we thought we’d share this fun story with you. A poet in the Bronx by the name of Damon Lloyd Goffe is claiming Oprah stole his poems – published it under a different title and made a TRILLION dollars.

A National Enquirer exclusive:

In the legal papers, Goffe says that “in April 2008 Oprah confessed to seizing original works of authorship” and published on the internet the first draft of his work “A Tome of Poetry” under another title “Pieces of My Soul.”

The claimant says the website in question is no longer live.

The suit also alleges Oprah sold over 650 million editions of the work online for $20 a copy which “calculates for 1.2 trillion dollars!”

Six-hundred and fifty million copies?! Of POETRY?! We love this guy!

Via I Want Media