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Last April, Ladies’ Home Journal published an inspirational, and sad, story about Dana Drouin, a 35-year-old mother of three who was battling cancer. Drouin worried that her young children would not remember her after her death, so she decided to create something tangible to leave behind, although she struggled during the last stages of her disease. Explained the article:

“[S]he’s been trying to write a journal to each child, along with a series of letters to be opened years from now at the birthdays, graduations, and weddings she’s not likely to see….It’s a beautiful ambition; so far, however, Dana has found it agonizing to fulfill.”

Reading Drouin’s story, Heidi Haller was so moved she tracked her down and traveled across the country to live with Drouin and take care of her.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about this woman I’d never met, and the next morning I tracked down her number,” Haller writes in February’s LHJ. “Divine intervention was clearly involved. All I knew was Dana’s name and the town in New Jersey where she lived, but she was listed. I picked up the phone to call, thinking she would probably find a polite way to hang up on me.”

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