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The New Yorker Publishes Food Issue

This week’s New Yorker is all about food. Ironically, inside the issue John Lanchester has a piece that argues we all need to stop obsessing over what we eat. There’s also Adam Gopnik seeking to figure out what, exactly, is happening to pastries; and Dana Goodyear profiling a sustainable meat company CEO.

Another worthwhile article — by Michael Specter — tackles the gluten-free fad:

Peter H. R. Green, the director of the celiac-disease center at the Columbia University medical school and one of the nation’s most prominent celiac doctors, tells Specter that gluten sensitivity is ‘a largely self-diagnosed disease,’ and notes that, often, ‘gluten-free versions of traditional wheat-based foods are actually junk food.’ Green—who tells Specter that the situation is ‘getting out of hand’ —continues, ‘Our patients have jumped on this bandwagon and largely left the medical community wondering what the hell is going on.’

The gluten-free thing is proof that Americans need more hobbies.

The New Yorker’s food issue hits newsstands today.

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A Celebrity Photographer Who Has Seen, Heard It All

TheWayWeWereCoverJayne Mansfield dancing with the son of a Florida mortuaries billionaire… A 1974 Los Angeles “It boy” moving away to become a counselor for Eskimos with AIDS…

As Dana Goodyear found out recently when she spent time with famed celebrity photographer Julian Wasser in Los Angeles, these are the strange moments that for him, ultimately defined his beat:

“Living here, it’s an endless stream of stories like that. When you come from a normal place, you just become aghast at what you hear in this town.”

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ASME Says Criticism of Nominations is ‘Kind of Silly’

Yesterday, when FishbowlNY covered the 2012 National Magazine Award finalists, we expected the typical backlash against the major publishing houses and our fine city. While there was some of that, many people took the ASME to task for the noticeable lack of women writers.

As Ann Friedman — the Executive Editor of GOOD noted, “Women hold their own or dominate in servicey categories (public interest, personal service) and fiction. They are not represented at all in the categories of reporting, feature writing, profile writing, essays and criticism, columns and commentary.” Alyssa Rosenberg, writing for Think Progress, added that the “women’s” category ends up hurting female writers:

The division in General Excellence creates an incentive for women’s magazines to genuinely specialize their coverage across the board, while men’s magazines have incentives to commission features and criticism that compete with publications like the New Yorker and The Atlantic.

Sid Holt, the ASME’s Chief Executive, brushed off the criticism. He wrote to Poynter and said it was all “Kind of silly,” went through the selection process and cited past nominations as proof that there is no bias:

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Dana Goodyear Talks About Her Recent New Yorker Story

The New Yorker‘s Dana Goodyear just gave a nice interview to San Diego Magazine about her recent piece on Chef Javier Plascencia and Tijuana’s efforts to land on the international foodie map. (The piece is  well worth the read if you missed it).

A choice tidbit:

We are outright fans of Plascencia in San Diego. Do you sense Angelenos clamoring to “claim him,” too? Did you end up rooting for him and the BajaMed movement by the end of your trip/reporting? How could you not root for Plascencia and his fellow Baja chefs! I do think that people in L.A.–and certainly the food-obsessed–are increasingly aware of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he opened a place here. My sense is that he fields offers all the time.

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The New Yorker‘s LA Piece About a British Reporter Telling a Shady Story from Canada

At least someone got a decent story out of the Royal visit to Los Angeles earlier this month. The New Yorker‘s Dana Goodyear caught up with News of the World reporter Robert Jobson–in LA to cover Will and Kate–as he found himself out of a job after his newspaper spontaneously imploded in the wake of the recent phone hacking allegations.

Our favorite part:

In Canada, Jobson had got a chance to talk one on one with William, at a media reception at a bar. “It was off the record, but I suppose it doesn’t matter,” he said. “I went and spoke to him, and he said he couldn’t wait to get home so he could get to Anglesey, lock himself in a darkened room for a couple of days, and chill out. I said, ‘I think I’ll try to do the same, Your Royal Highness.’ ”

Love it. As his paper was shutting down for its unethical and illegal activities–often perpetrated against the Royal family–Jobson throws out one last journalistic fuck you to the Royals by telling an off the record story. A comparatively minor infraction, based on what his colleagues were up to, but a fuck you nonetheless.

Previously on FishbowlLA: What Was News of the World Up to In Hollywood?

Two of Condé Nast’s Finest Roll Out Site For Young Writers

When the first-ever news items posted on a web page are titled “ZOMG we’ve launched!” and “Wow, we’re launched.  Sweet.”, you can safely say the site caters to younger audiences.  These two headlines appeared this morning on, an online community where adolescent writers can share their work, discuss their favorite books and authors, and communicate with fellow readers.  The brand new site was founded by former Condé Nast editor Jacob Lewis and New Yorker writer Dana Goodyear.  Lewis explained to The New York Times that Figment will offer users a forum to write whatever comes to mind:

We give them a piece of paper and say, “Go.” There’s a very earnest and exacting quality to what they’re doing.

Lewis is hopeful that the site will become a mainstay for millions of young writers and believes publishing companies will be able to use Figment to recruit new talent and receive feedback on select content.

Andrew Morton Says Tom Cruise #2 at Scientology


British biographer Andrew Morton has the “church” of L. Ron in a frenzy with his new biography of Tom Cruise. The book claims:

Cruise is the # 2 guy, after David Miscavige,

daughter by Katie Holmes “conceived like Rosemary’s Baby”,

Cruise’s next mission is to recruit David Beckham,

Nicole Kidman “feared blackmail” over sex tapes made with Scientologists,

Idle thought: Kidman should have feared blackmail over Eyes Wide Shut.

The book comes out in the US on the 15th of this month, but won’t appear in the UK, due to the stringent libel laws. Paulette Cooper has been on the receiving end of such lawsuits.

And Dana Goodyear goes inside the Celebrity Centre.

WGA 07 Strike Week 4


One screenwriter is using her free time to good advantage: food blogging. Food Coma L.A is screenwriter Kelly Fremon’s baby.

Writers: 750 videos AMPTP: 1

Showrunners aren’t working, despite rumors to the contrary.

Dana Goodyear met Jerry Maren, of the Lollipop Guild, who didn’t get any residuals from The Wizard of Oz. Surprise–neither did Ray Bolger, Judy Garland, Bert Lahr, or anyone else from the 1939 classic.

(photo from slackmistress)

WGA 07 Strike Week 2

AMPTP bravely soldiers on, despite heavy fog of uncertainty.

Deadline Hollywood Daily, where Nikki Finke sees a glimmer of hope.

Doris Egan
of House, writes on writing for a living.

James Surowiecki, in the New Yorker, explains the whole thing, sort of:

The paychecks and the profit-and-loss statements may indicate that the writers and the producers should be able to resolve their dispute quickly. But in labor relations the bottom line isn’t always the bottom line.

New Yorker Blogs LA: Dana Goodyear


Dana Goodyear, last seen looking at Luke Ford’s camera at the Captivity party, is now the New Yorker’s blogger in LA. Goodyear tells FBLA:

I’ve been living in Los Angeles for two-and-a-half years, and started writing full-time for The New Yorker six months ago (I was an editor at the magazine before that). I thought a blog would allow me to write about the city with some immediacy and intimacy. I’ll be posting two or three times a week.

Her most recent post is an interview with filmmaker Steve Okazaki, maker of White Light, Black Rain.