harveymilk2.jpgMaybe Harvey Milk is having an effect after all.

The gay San Francisco supervisor, who was assassinated some 30 years ago by a disgruntled fellow pol, bitterly fought for gay rights and would probably never have rested in the topsy-turvy fight against Proposition 8.

Now the subject of a Gus Van Sant film, “Milk,” due out Nov. 26. the timing couldn’t be much better for Focus Features, which is distributing.

That Gay Marriage law, which was enforced then turned down by the fickle California voters, will now have an Act III when the California Supreme Court, not the federal one, will take up the issue, the L.A. Times opines.

The court, in its pro-gay-rights mode, astonishingly said it would review legal challenges to Proposition 8, the voter initiative that restored same-sex marriage.

In its anti-gay-rights take, the court refused to permit gay weddings to resume pending a final decision.

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