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THR Photo Editor Among Hollywood Shooter’s Targets

A very different kind of story for Daniel Miller, a Hollywood Reporter staffer who normally covers entertainment real estate transactions, top-tier talent agency signings and the like. It turns out that the trade publication’s 27-year-old website photo editor Chris Godley was one of those unlucky enough to be caught up in the insane crossfire at Sunset and Vine yesterday morning, a terrifying ordeal that Miller revisits.

The 2003 Toyota Tacoma headed south on Vine that is shot at by the firing madman in video footage widely circulated on the Web is Godley’s vehicle. Here’s his description of what it was like to catch sight of a pedestrian with a gun and be fired upon, point-blank:

“I processed the information very quickly. I hit my gas pedal and sped through the intersection as fast as I could,” Godley said Friday evening. “I knew he was going to take a shot at me. He took a shot and it went through my driver side door, grazed my leg, bounced off of my iPad and went into my passenger side door. It did not come out the other side of the door, so the bullet is in my door…”

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THR Real Estate Reporter Rings Up Memorable Lede

Before joining the Hollywood Reporter, Daniel Miller covered real estate for the Los Angeles Business Journal. It’s a beat he knows well, from Scientology historic to Brentwood garish.

This week, thanks to realtor Russ Filice, Miller was able to construct a most colorful opening paragraph. For an article, “Sierra Towers: The Secrets of L.A.’s Strange, Sexy Celebrity Condo Building,” that also reminds just how slickly Janice Min has revamped the once staid trade:

One day in the early 2000s, Filice gave a tour to Eddie Fisher, the former teen idol and singer, and his daughters  Tricia Leigh Fisher and Joely Fisher. The late entertainer’s brood wanted him to move into the 31-story West Hollywood high-rise, and the visit brought back memories for Fisher, former husband to both Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, then in his 70s.

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THR Deals Into Hollywood’s High-Stakes Poker Game Scene

“Competition, power and ego.” That’s the mix Hollywood Reporter writers Daniel Miller and Kim Masters suggest is at the center of Hollywood’s Texas hold ‘em no-limit private poker tables. A familiar Tinseltown cocktail, to be sure.

Perched at the very top of the scene’s four-suit totem pole is Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire. His is one of two celebrity names being actively floated around within some nasty litigation pertaining to Ponzi poker winnings, along with that of Nick Cassavetes. FishbowlLA’s favorite portion of the article is a truncated passage that hints at a world of accidental privilege that very few of us will ever get to witness, let alone experience:

The trouble began one day in summer 2006 when a hedge fund manager named Bradley Ruderman wandered off of exclusive Carbon Beach in Malibu and talked his way into the game…

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Village Voice Exposes Church of Scientology Lie

In 2008, Tommy Davis (pictured), the son of actress Anne Archer and a prominent member of LA’s Church of Scientology, told CNN’s John Roberts that the organization did not engage in the practice of “disconnection,” whereby a former member of the religion is labeled a “suppressive person” and disowned by other  family Church adherents for some sort of perceived transgression.

Today, Village Voice editor-in-chief Tony Ortega documents a conversation between Davis and such an “SP”  target, Shane Clark, that was secretly recorded by Clark in December 2009. The newspaper has authenticated the recording and created a series of short movies to underscore the explosive words:

In the recording, Davis makes it plain that unless Clark quits his job and disassociates himself from [former Church member Marc] Headley, he will be declared a suppressive person, or “SP”… To indicate the seriousness of the situation, at the beginning of the meeting, Davis announces that he is going to tape it. “I was going to record this, our conversation. I didn’t know if you were aware of it. For both of our benefit,” Davis can be heard to say.

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Following the Google Beverly Hills News Trail

What better way to quantify the efforts of local LA media to report on news of Google’s leasing of entertainment division office space in Beverly Hills than… Google News?

Turns out it was a tie. Marie Cunningham, local editor of Beverly Hills Patch, posted a short item about the April 5th city council approval of Google’s request at the same time as The Hollywood Reporter‘s Daniel Miller. However, Miller does a better job of padding the missive with mention of other tenants in the 331 Foothill Road building that Google and YouTube employees are expected to occupy by the end of the year.

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Remembering the Man Who Defended Hollywood’s First Tabloid

There’s a fantastic profile piece by Daniel Miller in the March 30th issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine about Arthur Crowley, an attorney who passed away last spring with barely a media mention. But in his heyday, Crowley was very much at the center of big-time Tinseltown divorces as well as a landmark battle between the studios and trailblazing bi-monthly gossip rag Confidential.

Miller retraces Crowley’s crafty tactics relating to the 1957 criminal libel trial of Confidential, an action brought by California Attorney General Pat Brown on behalf of the studios. With Hollywood charging that stories about Marlene Dietrich‘s lesbianism and many other scandalous accusations were false, the attorney decided to try and force famous actors to take the stand:

Crowley tasked famed private eye Fred Otash with delivering more than 100 subpoenas. Many actors successfully avoided Otash, including Frank Sinatra and Gregory Peck, who headed for Las Vegas…

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THR Lands Latest Ronni Chasen Scoop

We can safely say, having chatted this week with several local entertainment media types involved in daily news coverage of the Ronni Chasen murder, that it has taken hold of them like very few other stories – O.J. Simpson is the only comparison that has come up repeatedly.

It’s an ongoing frenzy for the next scoop, from whether the man who killed himself at the Harvey Apartments on Wednesday was just a mentally deranged individual to what Chasen’s brother thinks happened on November 16th. This afternoon, it is the turn of Daniel Miller at the Hollywood Reporter to share new details; based on an interview with a pair of Beverly Hills residents, the publication confirms that security video of Chasen driving down Whittier has been obtained and reviewed by police.

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