On Friday, Darren Shuster, owner of Encino-based Pop Culture PR, received the following response from The Huffington Post:

Am so sorry, but the blog team editors have declined this… They say that assigning a monetary value to women is extremely problematic… and not appropriate for The Huffington Post. We would be happy to look at any other pieces you might have… Sorry about this one!

HuffPo were responding to Shuster’s submission of an article by sugardaddie.com CEO Steve Pasternack entitled “Beta Theory: A New Kind of Math for Older Women and Younger Men.” The article cheekily suggests that there perhaps needs to be an addendum to the old “Hefner Corollary” (a.k.a. the “half plus seven dating rule”) used to calculate the youngest-aged women that can be attracted by older, rich men. Although from our LA traffic light and valet parking standpoint, there seems these days to be no limit to how low the female component of that equation can go.

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