Amidst a series of profiles in the major dailies that portray Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina as tough-minded, successful businesswomen, comes a couple of long-awaited effort to expose what really happened under their tenures at eBay and HP respectively. Whitman and her personally enriching but appalling corporate helmsmanship get it especially bad.

But she’s a billionaire! How could she possibly have been a bad CEO? The eXiled explains:

Whitman’s fabled $1 billion in wealth was acquired in the first few months of her tenure, well before she could muck the company’s bottom line up. That billion-plus that eBay’s directors handed Whitman was perhaps the easiest billion anyone has ever been handed in corporate history: eBay hired Whitman in March 1998, when the company was already the tech world’s darling. Just six months after she joined, eBay went public, making Meg Whitman an overnight billionaire thanks to stock options that allowed her to buy eBay stock at just 7 cents a share, and sell them on the market for as high as $170 per share.

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