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Patch Editor Bids Readers a Second Fond Farewell

PatchLogoAcross the Patch network last night and this morning, there are messages of thanks from local editors departing as part of the October 15 downsizing. Significantly, and commendably, the AOL powers-that-be decided in this case to allow LEs to post a proper goodbye.

One of the more unusual of these Patch posts can be found in Lemont, IL. Under the headline “Lemont Patch Editor Bids Farewell – Again,” Amanda Luevano writes:

It was just over a year ago that I sat at this very laptop and said farewell to Lemont Patch, the site I launched way back in September 2010. I had no idea I would be back seven months later or that I would be forced to issue a second goodbye to the town I’ve come to love so much.

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Diablo Cody is Really Looking Forward to Getting Out of the House

There’s something hilarious about the idea of the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Juno being housebound due to the care of a newborn. But such has been the case in recent months for Diablo Cody (pictured), albeit from the relative comfort of her well-appointed Hollywood Hills abode.

As any parent who has gone through that drill knows, the first real trip out of the house is one to both look forward to and savor. In Cody’s case, it will be when she heads to the east coast at the beginning of February to attend the third annual edition at Barnard College of the female-centric Athena Film Festival (February 7-10), for which she is one of the co-chairs.

“I have a toddler and an infant right now,” Cody tells FishbowlLA via telephone. “I don’t get out to the movies, I don’t get out to have dinner, I don’t get out to my friend’s Live Reads [Jason Reitman, LACMA]. I am so home-bound right now. That’s why I’m so excited about the Athena Film Festival and getting to go to New York for a couple of days. I’m going alone, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with all that “thinking” time.”

Cody will also have the opportunity to finally meet a fellow female Hollywood trailblazer, Gale Anne Hurd, who is receiving the event’s Laura Ziskin Lifetime Achievement Award. “I’m really excited about that,” Cody confirms. “I think it’s so cool that she’s getting this award. I’m really interested to hear the Q&A with her and hear about the experiences that she’s had. Especially making these films that I think a lot of people would consider not to be in a woman’s wheelhouse. She’s probably got a lot to say.”

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Diablo Cody Goes Day for Mamma Mia! Night

For the past month or so, Oscar winning screenwriter Diablo Cody has been doubling as a talk show host for Lexus’ L/Studio portal. Her Hollywood Hills backyard gabfest is called Red Band Trailer and welcomes to an Airstream trailer and Tiki bar a single celebrity guest each week.

For Episode #5, Cody chatted with actress Amanda Seyfried, not only the co-star of her Jennifer’s Body flick but also a key player in the host’s first date with husband-slash-show-director-co-producer Daniel Maurio. Go to the five-minute mark of the video below and watch as she puts hubby on the spot regarding their first date involving an ArcLight showing of Mamma Mia! and cheap grub at a nearby Denny’s:

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LAFF: Five Weekend Picks

In the blink of a downtown eye, the Los Angeles Film Festival has established itself as the city’s coolest-vibe annual celluloid marathon. By relocating  to LA Live and environs, organizers were able to foster more of a Toronto International Film Fest feel.

FishbowlLA will be there, along with all the usual journo suspects. Here are five of our recommends for LAFF opening weekend:

Renée (Friday, 7 p.m.): In between the French Open and Wimbledon seems like a perfect time to catch Eric Drath‘s phenomenal documentary about Renée Richards, whose life went volley-up after a sex-change past was revealed. In a bit of ironic subject matter mimicking, there are two separate “official website” links on the film’s IMDB page, neither of which at press time work. That’s probably because the producers are in the process of repointing to ESPN, which will broadcast the documentary this fall. But it’s still kind of funny.

Sawdust City (Saturday, 7 p.m., world premiere): Eau Claire, Wisconsin writer-director David Nordstrom (now based in LA) is getting good advance buzz for his feature debut, loosely reminiscent in terms of storyline to the Jack Nicholson drama The Last Detail. A couple of brothers spend a snowy Thanksgiving combing through hometown bars in search of their estranged dad.

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Toni Collette Lands in the 90038

The best LA celebrity real estate scoops continue to be found at The Real Estalker, a sublime Blogspot page run by someone who prefers to call themselves Your Mama.

Today’s intriguing news, via source Lucy Spillerguts, is that Australian actress Toni Collette and her husband have opted not for Beverly Hills or Los Feliz for a pied-a-terre but rather the more atypical celebrity zip of 90038. Maybe some of the tattooed sensibilities of Collette’s United States of Tara creator-producer Diablo Cody have rubbed off. Writes Mama:

Many Real Estates might try to call this neighborhood Hancock Park adjacent or maybe West Hollywood adjacent, while real estate snobs – the sorts of folks who can’t bear to drive their Bentley’s east of La Cienega unless it’s north of Sunset Boulevard – will consider this neck of LalaLand the ‘hood. But it’s not. It really isn’t.

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Free Screening of Showtime’s United States of Tara

The screening of the new Showtime/Diablo Cody/Steven Spielberg series starring Toni Collette and John Corbett, United States of Tara is offering you – us – the general public – a free screening tomorrow on the west side of Los Angeles.

LA residents can check out out the show at The Landmark on 10850 West Pico at Westwood Blvd. – 7PM, first come, first served!

The trailer is here. Along with an edited version of the first episode.

We like that Diablo Cody would write a show about a woman with multiple personalities when Cody only has one: a 19 year old drag queen.

Kimberly Dozier To Present Award To Farida Nekzad


In Los Angeles tonight CBS correspondent and Iraq car bombing survivor Kimberly Dozier will present an International Women’s Media Foundation’s Courage in Journalism award to Farida Nekzad, 31, managing editor and deputy director of Pajhwok Afghan News and vice president of the South Asia Media Commission, according to a press release.

Joining Dozier will be Christiane Amanpour, Amy Adams, Maria Bello, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Diablo Cody, Diane English and Ginnifer Goodwin. Other honorees include Seygul Uludag, Aye Aye Win and Edith Lederer.

“Nekzad frequently puts her life on the line to report the news. Despite working under tremendous pressure at a time when women journalists in particular are being threatened for their reporting in Afghanistan, Nekzad is committed to staying in her country to work toward a free press and greater equality for women journalists,” according to the release.

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Peggy Seltzer/Margaret B. Jones/Fake Memoir News Continues


Can’t get enough of you, baby, can’t get enough of you girl….

According to Seal Press, their author Inga Muscio was duped by Peggy Seltzer, just like everyone, or nearly everyone else. Krista Lyons-Gould and Brooke Warner (with names like those, we’re guessing they can spot WASPs) are pissed:

When we receive a proposal for a memoir, we want to be moved, we want to find something people identify with, we want more than anything else to believe that the brave and honest truth we’re publishing might inspire or at least resonate with others struggling themselves.

They must be so relieved that this isn’t their book.

According to Undercover Black Man, the now-pulled Riverhead memoir/novelization was originally titled:

Blood and Consequences: Coming of Age in an L.A. Gang

Powell’s cancelled the reading, but left up the blurb.

AP quotes the head of the imprint:

Riverhead vice president and publisher Geoffrey Kloske said that no one asked Seltzer for official paperwork such as school records, which might have discredited her story, but he noted that the author submitted letters and photographs and a recommendation from a former professor. “She even had someone claiming to be one of her former siblings. There was a substantial amount of supporting evidence,” he says.

The Eugene Register-Guard spiked a profile with Peggy when her educational background didn’t check out. (Unlike the unwary NYT.)

An NYT reader offers:

This woman is ridiculous and a disgrace. I know her personally and these lies were played out in her daily life. From recieving welfare benefits, to Native American donations from the reservation this girl lied to everyone. she used up resources under false information. Lied about her name and circumstance just to get attention. As if White women dont already have a leg up in the world. My boyfriend even gave her money for her gas bill, because we felt sorry for her.

Kevin Allman asks what so many have been thinking:

Were any actual black people involved in the publication of this book?

Say one thing for Ms. Seltzer, she’s made people stop harpying about Diablo Cody.

Fox Searchlight Lawyer’s Defend Jennifer’s Body from Snarky Bloggers

Fox Searchlight wasted no time in defending their girl, Diablo Cody. Big Ross at CC2K, got slapped with a cease and desist for daring to read and critize Jennifer’s Body.

Considering Juno’s accolades, detractors abound:

Judging by the cease and desist orders sent by FOX to the websites running script reviews of her next opus Jennifer’s Body this week, it’s clear that the publicity machine running on overdrive behind her for the past few months is doing what they can to prevent anything or anyone from getting in the way of this processed fairytale.

Casting for the horror film is underway:

two names that are being bandied about for Nikolai; he’s the leader of the Satanic emo band that starts all of the problems that turns Needy into an ass-kicking monster fighter. The production is looking at two legitimately emo dipshits–Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte.

Jennifer’s Body Script Reviewed

Oscar Nominations Announced


Oscar nominations are announced!

Awards Daily got slammed with comments.

The Vancouver Sun sees a big year for frost backs.

No, wait, it’s the year of the Brits.

Framewatch wonders what happened to The Transformers nomination.

There’s a science to all this, allegedly:

It’s better to be nominated in a year when fewer films were screened, because there’s less competition come awards time

Gatecrasher quotes some senior Hollywood killjoy as saying the Oscars aren’t going to happen.