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Douglas Manchester Looking to Expand His Media Footprint Northward

He’s been in control of the San Diego Union-Tribune for less than a month. But Douglas Manchester apparently likes it so much, he’s looking to buy another SoCal paper. Voice of San Diego reports Manchester is sizing up the North County Times, a daily which covers Del Mar to Riverside County.

From VoSD:

Lee Enterprises, the Times’ parent company, filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month, struggling under the weight of nearly $1 billion in debt.

Manchester said he hasn’t made an offer for the paper, but has discussed how it could allow the Union-Tribune to expand.

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San Diego Reader Founder Pushes Another Anti-Abortion Ballot Measure

Jim Holman is back at it again. The San Diego Reader founder and publisher of the ultra-religious website California Catholic Daily is putting his money where his mouth is regarding his anti-abortion beliefs. The San Diego CityBeat reports that Holman is pushing yet another ballot measure in the state of California to require notification be given to the parents of minors who are seeking abortions. Holman’s last effort, Prop 4, was narrowly defeated in 2008. This measure is his fourth attempt to make parental notification the law of the land.

A little context from CityBeat:

The first measure, Prop. 73, would have redefined abortion in the state Constitution as “the death of the unborn child….” That wording disappeared from 2006’s Prop. 85. For 2008’s Prop. 4, backers came up with a politically appealing official title—“Parental Notification, Child and Teen Safety, and Stop Predators Act”—and the short title “Sarah’s Law.” Sarah, they said, was a teen who got pregnant by an older man, had an abortion without her parents’ knowledge, contracted an infection and died. Planned Parenthood’s opposition researchers did some digging and found out that Sarah was really Jammie Yanez-Villegas who lived in Texas and was impregnated by her common-law husband—meaning she wouldn’t be subject to any parental-notification law, let alone one in California.

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New Union-Tribune Owner Defends ‘Cheerleader’ Journalism*

The San Diego Union-Tribune‘s new owner Douglas Manchester and his CEO John Lynch were on with KPBS San Diego’s Joanne Faryon last night to defend recent comments that their paper would be transitioning into a “cheerleader” role for the city of San Diego and its business community. Raise your hand if you feel any sunnier about the future of Southern California journalism after seeing this video. Anyone? Anyone?

Didn’t think so.

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The Sad State of San Diego’s Media

2012 is not shaping up to be a great year for San Diego journalism. First, Prop 8 backer Douglas Manchester bought the San Diego Union-Tribune–and immediately vowed to make it a “cheerleader” for the city of San Diego. Instead of say, a check on powerful interests that run the city. Only a short time after, Voice of San Diego announced it was laying off three of its best investigative reporters due to fundraising problems.

We’re not the only ones who see potential problems on the horizon. An editorial in this week’s San Diego CityBeat laments the current state of the city’s media.

When Voice first launched, we worried that its funding would lose steam as donor fatigue set in and the novelty wore off. But it has grown, and the nonprofit’s been able to add reporters and features even as for-profit news organizations have shrunk. Fueled largely by top-notch reporting on City Hall and education and some impactful investigations into San Diego’s redevelopment agencies, Voice gave a moribund San Diego Union-Tribune a kick in the pants a few years back. Under new leadership starting in 2009, the U-T responded by stepping up its investgative reporting and seems to be moving with a new purpose.

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More Changes at the San Diego Union-Tribune

More turnover at the San Diego Union-Tribune, in the wake of Prop 8 backer Douglas Manchester‘s purchase of the paper. Former Daily Breeze publisher and current VP Sales and Marketing for the U-T Mark Ficarra is leaving the paper to do consulting in Phoenix. His last day will be the 28th of December.

Meanwhile, former LANG sales VP Joe Brenneman has just been hired as the paper’s new chief revenue officer.

COO Mike Hodges‘ memo to staff after the jump:

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San Diego Union-Tribune Gets Its Ron Burgundy On

The San Diego Union-Tribune has changed its tagline under the two-day-old ownership of Douglas Manchester. It now reads “The World’s Greatest Country & America’s Finest City.” It used to say, “More Than 1,000,000 Readers Weekly.”

As one local journo we spoke to put it: “Gross.”

You stay classy San Diego.

Photo via San Diego CityBeat

Douglas Manchester Has Big, Scary Plans for the San Diego Union-Tribune

John Lynch, chief media executive for the new owner of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Douglas Manchester, gave his first public interview to Voice of San Diego about what the future holds for the U-T. His answers were rather unsettling. Lynch makes it pretty clear that the paper will be used as a booster for the San Diego business community, and whatever projects Manchester personally favors.

They plan on starting with a push for a new publicly funded football stadium for the Chargers.

Lynch’s take, from the VoSD:

He wants that sports page to be an advocate for a new football stadium “and call out those who don’t as obstructionists.”

“To my way of thinking,” Lynch said, “that’s a shovel-ready job for thousands.”

More changes will be evident after the deal closes between Nov. 30 and Dec. 15. Lynch said they want a stronger editorial page and to attract younger readers. Lynch hopes to bring other media into the building. He wants to be a newspaper industry precedent-setter.

“You change now or you die,” Lynch said.

Lynch went on to qualify that Manchester will “respect journalistic integrity.”

Um, yeah.

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Prop 8 Backer Douglas Manchester to Buy the San Diego Union-Tribune

Wow, we pretty much called it. Early last week, real estate developer and Prop 8 backer Douglas Manchester told the press it was a distant possibility he would purchase the San Diego Union-Tribune. We said that meant he’d have a deal wrapped up by the end of the week. We were about five days off.

The Union-Tribune reports today that its current owner Platinum Equity has agreed to sell the 143-year-old paper to Manchester. The terms of the deal have yet to be released, but the paperwork is expected to go through on December 15. As we reported previously, Manchester is rumored to be more interested in the U-T’s 13 acres of Mission Valley real estate than the paper itself.

Manchester, however, has confirmed that he his bringing in his long-time media executive John Lynch to help run the paper. Which seems to imply he doesn’t plan to scrap it all together. But time will tell if he plans to shut the presses down, go online only, and spend most of his resources developing the U-T‘s real estate properties.

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More Details Emerge About Potential Manchester Takeover of San Diego Union-Tribune

Douglas Manchester either likes the attention he’s been getting from the media lately, or he really is interested in taking over the San Diego Union-Tribune. Manchester told Voice of San Diego yesterday that if he took over the U-T, he would partner with longtime radio executive John Lynch.

“John and I are good friends and have been partners before,” Manchester said. “If we do anything in media, we’d do it together. John and I are great friends, we’ll continue to be good friends. If we do something, he’d be involved.”

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Douglas Manchester Confirms Interest in San Diego Union-Tribune

Last week we told you that the San Diego Union-Tribune may be in escrow, awaiting the purchase of real estate developer and Prop 8 backer Douglas Manchester. Well, today Manchester did confirm to Voice of San Diego that he is interested in buying the U-T.

“There’s lots of people interested in that asset,” he told the website. “There has not been anything completed. We’re looking at it. It’s a very complicated transaction if it were ever to come to fruition.”

Manchester makes the prospect sound like a distant possibility. Which, knowing guys like this, probably means he’ll have the deal wrapped up by the end of the week.

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