Two years ago, Al Michaels was not getting ready to take a turn doing play-by-play for the Super Bowl. But he got to enjoy the next best thing, as he recalled this morning on “The Dan Patrick Show.”

Michaels teed off that 2010 Sunday morning  at 9:00 a.m. at the Bel-Air Country Club with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, in LA to watch over the construction of a gargantuan new home, and Brady’s doctor, Dr. Neal S. ElAttrache. He mentioned to Brady at the time that he was going to be in Indianapolis in a couple of years to call Super Bowl XLVI, and playfully teased the athlete about his plans for that season.

Michaels also told Patrick he thinks Brady has the potential to become a very good golfer:

“He’s a range guy, basically,” Michaels said. “Before the game, he’s out there on the range, making sure everything is 100% perfect. How good is he? He could be a scratch golfer one day.”

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