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Gawker Named ‘Most Valuable Blog’

gawkggger.jpgGawker may be slimming down…again! But that hasn’t stopped finance blog 24/7 Wall St. from naming it the most ‘valuable’ blog out there in its top 25 ranking.

The site explains its full criteria here, and points out that the list does not include blogs which are part of larger companies “because the traffic of these properties is almost never broken out,” or blogs that do not have revenue (i.e. The Daily Beast “does not take advertising or sell products. In theory, it has little if any economic value at all.”).

That said, the top five are as follows: Gawker, HuffPo, Drudge, Perez Hilton, Sugar Inc. The recently much-talked-about Politico clocks in at number 10. The site had this to say about Gawker:

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Harry Smith Talks to Ann Coulter About Her ‘Sophomoric, Simplistic View’

If nothing else Ann Coulter knows how to generate some serious PR for herself. She hit the headlines numerous times yesterday after being bumped from a Today show appearance — Drudge declared her banned from NBC, NBC denied it, she’s been re-booked for tomorrow. She subsequently appeared on CBS’s The Early Show with Harry Smith this morning. Smith told Coulter that he’d read 150pp of her book and then asked her whether she really expected people to take her seriously when she’s “so goofy.” Cue liberal media bias insult.

Post Election News Slump Hitting Politico, Thriving

538mgg.pngThere’s been plenty of talk the last few weeks about a post-election viewer slump both online and on television. Over at Nate Silver has taken his pollster powers and applied them to politically-oriented websites to see how these sites are faring now that the election has concluded. The results are interesting.

Turns out that, which recently redesigned both its magazine and website, has experienced an upswing in traffic (retaining 125% of its pre-election traffic), so has Drudge and to a lesser extent The Huffington Post. Meanwhile the is more or less breaking even while sites such as Slate and Politico have dropped and are only retaining 50-60% of their traffic. Silver explains how he reached these numbers, and what the caveats to his results might be, here.

John McCain Does Not Want to be Barack Obama’s Mirror this under another headline that prior to this election we might have attributed to The Onion. Drudge is reporting that the New York Times turned down an op-ed written by John McCain because it didn’t “mirror” the one penned by Barack Obama last week. Obama’s piece, which ran in the NYT last Monday — and arguably got a bit lost in all the New Yorker cover hullabaloo — ostensibly took a step beyond the normal he said-he said of campaign rhetoric, and outlined how, once elected, Obama intends to get us out of Iraq. Apparently, John McCain’s camp submitted a rebuttal, and was turned down. The difference? According to NYT op-ed page editor David Shipley,

The Obama piece worked for me because it offered new information (it appeared before his speech); while Senator Obama discussed Senator McCain, he also went into detail about his own plans…It would be terrific to have an article from Senator McCain that mirrors Senator Obama’s piece. To that end, the article would have to articulate, in concrete terms, how Senator McCain defines victory in Iraq.
Terrific! So basically, McCain is not allowed to be a blogger, he has to think for himself. We’ll see if he decides to give it another go (we suspect no — presumably it’s better to be dismissed by a liberal leaning rag than be forced to articulate a military plan for withdrawal). In the meantime, we always have Time.

Why Is Nobody Calling Deadline Hollywood Daily on Its Mistake?

goldstein_jynssynlnc.jpgDeadline Hollywood Daily adores to point out other people’s errors — both real and perceived — so it surprised us at FBLA that nobody has called DHD out on the egregious error in its post about Patrick Goldstein‘s new blog, The Big Picture, at the LAT.

“I’m told that, despite heavy promotion by the paper and other media, Goldstein’s blog on Monday only received 1,102 page views, placing #35 out of 50 blogs at the LA Times.”

That’s so funny. We got an e-mail (with curiously identical wording) from an LAT staffer “telling” us the same thing. The thing is, we didn’t run with it because the information simply isn’t true.

The blog wasn’t “heavily promoted” on Monday (though we had it, thank you very much). It was moderately promoted on Tuesday — when the numbers jumped from 1,103 page views to 12,364 views. Wednesday saw the blog’s page views grow to 13,732.

True, this is nothing compared to DHD’s average daily page views of 48,449, but DHD is a few years and many, many Drudge links into its career. And newspaper blogs build audiences slowly (an inside source tells us that the paper’s most popular blogs — Top of the Ticket, Showtracker, Lakers — all sat at the bottom of the ranks for months before they slowly but surely found an audience).

In other words, Big Picture got — on its first day — 25 percent of the page views DHD now gets after two or so years in. With page views growing steadily every day.

Not too shabby.

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