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Choire Sicha Defends Los Angeles Times on Theresa Duncan


Over at Gawker, Choire Sicha sticks up for his new pals at the LA Times, claiming that there weren’t two Theresa Duncan tribute pieces as we’d mentioned. He posts:

The paper didn’t “run” two tribute pieces–as far as we can tell, the first was rushed and only put online.)

We’re guessing he wanted to write one, as well. Too late! And was Swati Pandey’s piece rushed? And since when does online not count?

Theresa Duncan: an arch and fiery spirit
On her blog, the late Theresa Duncan shared what caught her fancy. A fan follows the map.
By Steffie Nelson
August 12, 2007

Theresa Duncan’s children
How the late blogger, critic and scenester created so many passionate fans.
By Swati Pandey
August 1, 2007

LA Times Issues Theresa Duncan Correction

FBLA 20 Questions: Cathleen Cotter


Sr. Editor at PR Newswire, Cathleen Cotter, fancies herself as an Arthurian enchantress. And we can see why. She did answer our insidiously insightful questions without the use of ancient magicks.

1. What newspapers do you read? L.A. Times on weekends, the Argonaut (local paper), LA Weekly, City Beat (otherwise I get my news online)

2. Which ones do you move your lips to while reading? none, but I do enjoy reading the paper while out with my friends for breakfast on the weekend and we read interesting bits to each other.

3. Which Web sites (besides FBLA) are on your favorites bookmark? I don’t really use bookmarks. The tabs on my Firefox browser are set to Flickr, Gmail, CNN, LA Observed and Curbed L.A.

4. Where do you get your car washed? This place on Lincoln, north of Washington Blvd.

5. Do you know your dentist’s first name? Yes–Marilyn

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NY Times Correction: Stacey Grenrock Woods Didn’t Cover Herself


Molly Dorozenski of Scribner’s well-oiled publicity machine sets us straight–Pauline O’Connor wrote the NY Times piece on Stacey Grenrock Woods, and while the print edition was correct, the online version was all confused.

Stacey Grenrock Woods Covers Herself, Kinda Sorta

photo by Stephanie Diani

How I Got That Story: Chris Lee, Kate Coe on Theresa Duncan


Chris Lee, LA Times writer and FBLA’s Kate Coe exchanged notes on their Theresa Duncan/Jeremy Blake stories.

When did you first get the story?

CL:I got it on Monday (7/23) but wrote and reported most of it Tuesday morning. Daily Calendar goes to the printer at 3:00 pm so it was a scramble.

KC: I pitched it to the Weekly the minute I learned she died.

Had the two stories always been the plan?

CL: No. I was heading down to San Diego to cover Comic-con the day the first one ran and there was no plan for a folo. But info kept on coming my way, some really hot stuff, and my editor made the decision to keep me on the story.

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FBLA 20 Questions: Frank Coffey

fdc_headshot.jpg Journo/TV-film writer/novelist Frank Coffey used to just read blogs. Now he writes one. Coffey’s Venice-based parody sports website,, is “committed to taking scraps of truth and turning them into absurdist nonsense.”

Recent headlines include: Manny Ramirez Adopts Carbon Neutral Lifestyle and Woods’ Daughter Signs With Gerber.

Let’s see how well he does with our nonsense.

1. What newspapers do you read? You mean, like, newspapers made out of paper? NYT, LAT, WSJ, Variety and VenicePaper.

2. Which ones do you move your lips to while reading?
Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, snarling.

3. Which Web sites (aside from FBLA, of course) are on your favorites bookmark? NPR, The Daily Tube, Slate, LA Observed, G-4, Rubber Chicken Cards and, in relentless self-promotion,

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LA Times Reports All the News from Hooksett, NH, The Town Where Time Stands Still


Erica Hayasaki, whose VA Tech story was an abberation, has reverted to her usual clueless ways. In a Page One story, she breathlessly tells the LA Times readership about four women in Hooksett, New Hampshire who were fired for gossiping–in April.

Wire services carried the story–in April.

Hayasaki asserts that the story “has since spread across the nation.” (Idle thought: if the story is so well known, then why write about it now?)

She doesn’t mention that the women appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America –in May.

Two of them lost their appeal–in May.

The Hooksett town council issued a public statement–in June.

A new lawyer, representing all four, announced a lawsuit–in June.

Of course, the NY Times ran Dan Barry’s equally news-free piece on July 22. What interesting timing.

LAT in 90: Testify!
LAT in 90
LAT Rising Star Goes National

FBLA 20 Questions:Jesse Thorn

26 (Small).jpg

Jesse Thorn is the creator of The Sound of Young America, which has nothing to do with Up With People!. As his website says,

Think of it like Conan O’Brien on public radio, or “Fresh Air,” but more fun.

Or think of it as Terry Gross on mescaline. A grad of UC Santa Cruz, Thorn lives in Koreatown where he blogs, produces his show, and obviously agonized over our carefully crafted questions. (If we were really clever, there’d be a podcast. Sigh.)

1. What newspapers do you read? The only actual physical newspaper I get is Current, the industry rag for public media. I read the New York Times online a lot, along with the San Francisco Chronicle’s sports section for a Giants fix.

Reading the NYT (and the New Yorker) is a contractual thing for us public radio personalities… there are pop quizzes, and you can actually lose your show if you don’t remember the subject of Frank Rich’s last column or whatever.

2. Which ones do you move your lips to while reading? I actually read everything out loud as slowly and clearly as I can (to practice my gravitas).

3. Which Web sites (besides FBLA)are on your favorites bookmark? Bloglines, for the quajillion blogs and news feeds I read compulsively. I love Boing-Boing and Ask Metafilter, and the Apiary family of comedy blogs particularly. A couple of forums–my site’s, where I mingle with my really cool smart interesting listeners,, where I argue about rap music, and, where I talk about comedy with fellow comedy super-nerds. A couple of sites of questionable legality, where I make up for the fact that I don’t have cable. The usual, in other words.

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Joel Stein Column on Captivity In Captivity


Log jam of writers at the LAT re: the Captivity party.

Paul Cullum
Babes, blood and B-listers at the ‘Captivity’ party
A dominatrix at work, the Suicide Girls and more MPAA controversy as the torture flick premieres.

(Comprehensive, if a little late.)

Patt Morrison
The scary missing-persons number game
Good news for us, bad news for ‘Captivity’ promoters– 850,000 people a year aren’t kidnapped and killed.

(Oh, look, Patt’s an adbuster.)

But poor Joel Stein–another bright idea spiked. First, the BJ class, and now this.

FBLA Goes to the Party: Captivity Premiere Party: Not All That Freaky

Larry King’s Paris: 3.2 Million Viewers

That big post-jail Larry King interview with Paris Hilton? You remember, the one where the newly-religious Paris stumbled and tripped when asked what her favorite Bible verse was? Well, the show drew nearly 3.2 million viewers — triple Larry King Live‘s average audience. But even Paris couldn’t help CNN beat Fox News that night. The total prime time viewer count for the two channels was 1.858 million viewers at Fox News and 1.851 million at CNN. Winner: Greta Van Susteren.


  • Larry King’s Paris: At Least He Didn’t Call Her George
  • Arthur Says Nope, Not Me as ME of LAT

    John M. Arthur says he’s not the new managing editor of the LA Times.

    reports of my ascension are premature–and possibly fabricated

    Or possibly not? Who’d dare to burn Rachel Sklar with a bad tip?

    We’re at the edge of our seats. Is this gripping or what?

    Next: What’s for lunch at the LAT cafeteria.

    John M. Arthur Moves Up to Managing Editor, LA Times