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Ezra Klein Is Joining Vox Media as Web Journalism Asserts Itself (NYT)
After a week of speculation, it turns out that Ezra Klein, the prolific creator of the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, will be going to Vox Media, the online home of SB Nation, a sports site, and The Verge, a fast-growing technology site. His change of address could be read as the latest parable of Old Media cluelessness — allowing a journalism asset to escape who will come back to haunt them — or as another instance of a star journalist cashing in on name-brand success. But it’s more complicated than that. FishbowlDC The new website, ominously named “Project X,” will be housed within the fast growing Vox Media empire. Vox is a small but potent little Web company that clearly hopes to make a play for mainstream appeal with the addition of Klein to its roster. FishbowlNY Matt Yglesias will serve as executive editor of the new Vox Media venture founded by Klein, FishbowlNY has learned. Slate’s prolific economics blogger announced last week that he would join Klein. Klein, unsurprisingly, now has the title of editor-in-chief. According to Klein’s post, Yglesias, along with Wonkblog veteran Melissa Bell, has been involved with the planning process since early last year. Capital New York Klein didn’t allow for much detail of what new publication would look like in his post on The Verge, but was clear that his team will look for a format to provide readers with more context for news stories as they develop. A general job posting for the site on Vox’s listings page provided some more hints. “We’ll need writers who are obsessively knowledgeable about their subjects to do that reporting and write those explainers — as well as ambitious feature pieces,” the posting read, before providing a more telling detail: “We’ll need coders and designers who can build the world’s first hybrid news site/encyclopedia.” BuzzFeed Klein: “We’re not trying to build a ‘super Wonkblog.’ If we were doing that we wouldn’t go through all this trouble. We intend to be incredibly good at policy and politics but also sports and science. We are trying to build a full news site and in a better and more useful way for our readers.”

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