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Showtime Promotes Dueling Program Marketing and Advertising Heads

And by “dueling” we actually mean duel dual. [ed.'s note: der!] It just sounds like a much more explosive story if they’re actually “dueling.”

Anyway, Showtime announced today that Susan Frank and Emily Gould will be named co-vice presidents of program marketing and advertising. Both Frank, a TBS vet, and Gould, who once worked with Reebok to relaunch The Pump in Europe, (seriously) have previously held Showtime’s senior director, program marketing and advertising position.

“The combined wealth of experience between Susan and Emily is unmatched,” says Showtime executive president Donald Buckley. “They have successfully spearheaded the marketing campaigns for six consecutive hit freshman series for this network, and manage a team that has a deep bench of talent. With Susan and Emily at the helm, we look forward to many more fruitful launches as we head into Comic-Con, the fall premieres of Homeland and Dexter, the return of our hit series in the spring, and our two new dramas in 2013.”

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The NYT Magazine: How Alex Kuczynski is Living Now

30surrogate.2-500.jpgSo maybe the first question that comes to mind when reading Alex Kuczynski‘s New York Times Magazine cover story about hiring a surrogate mother to carry her child is whether or not it would have been a cover story if the author hadn’t been a long-time style reporter for the paper. Because, while not the most common thing is surrogate motherhood really news any more? We all know the Magazine has a tendency to be a bit behind on its ‘the way we live now’ pieces (also, the picture of Kuczynski holding her son with a black nanny gazing on really just reinforces the worst part of the Times so-called elitist reputation) and obviously the Magazine had no way to predict the news from Mumbai this weekend, but still — with everything going on was this really worthy of a cover? Or does it matter?

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NowPublic Releases Randomly Assembled New York ‘MostPublic’ List

Julia Allison Arianna Huffington.jpgWe love lists. Especially ones that sort of tell us what we already know, except they randomly switch it around just to keep it interesting? Make sure we’re paying attention? It’s not clear. Anyway, with that in mind, we bring you NowPublic’s — the “world’s largest participatory news network” in case you were wondering (maybe comparable to being the world’s largest bookstore?) — list of New York’s top fifty “news influencers.” “Influencers” should not to be confused with “newsmakers” or actual reporters since, as we all know, these are now categories that currently encompass just about anyone who knows how to work a digital recorder or use twitter (yay for us). News “influencers,” however, are apparently people who shape the “media environment,” though they may also use twitter and digital recorders.

So who made the cut, all you newsmakers ask? Well, Fred Wilson and Arianna Huffington hold the top two spots, Lindsay Robertson, Lockhart Steele, and Nick Denton own slots 31,32,33 (in that order), and’s intrepid leader Laurel Touby, slides in at 48, just ahead of Emily Gould and Brian Stelter. Julia Allison — apparently a “maker” and not an “influencer” — did not merit a mention. The full list is here. We’re not sure why but it sort of feels like reading a tour guide to New York by someone who’s never actually been here.

Commenters: Barnacles on the Web 2.0 Whale?

351720.jpgMost people who write online for a living (or even just regularly for their own pleasure) will have their own story to tell regarding commenters, and usually it’s bad (though we here at FishbowlNY have no complaints! Mostly because our readers choose to forego the complicated(?) commenting system and write us directly…also, you’re all very nice.). Some examples: last month the NYT had to shut down the comments on Emily Gould‘s Magazine cover story, Huffington Post is overwhelmed with over-the-top remarks, and we’ve known more than one blogger who’s closed the comments feature on their personal sites because the vitriol has gotten out of hand. So what is it exactly about commenting that brings out the maniac in a person?

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Emily Gould Isn’t The Only New Yorker Obsessed With Herself

emilygouldexposed.jpgLittle surprise that it took the local paper a little longer than the rest of the media to tackle the Emily Gould story. Quoting everyone from Rachel Sklar to our own sister pub, FBNY, the LAT may have been late to the game, but David Sarno makes the most salient point we’ve seen on the topic:

It’s not far off to say that the demographic that cared about this story most was the New York new media crowd. That group’s open access to megaphones and soapboxes belies its exceedingly small and unrepresentative nature — so much so that with a collective eye blink it can light up the blogosphere with vituperative chatter about what’s, after all, just a story about the by now unsurprising pitfalls of playing with the Web’s peephole-filled boundaries between public and private.

Emily Gould–Why So Mean About Mark Sarvas?

Emily Gould, over at Gawker, snipes at Mark Sarvas, our 20 Questions mark.

Does she have some personal issues with him, left over from her career in publishing? Or did he pan her YA book? (Her granny loved it.)

Or does he remind her of Jimmy Kimmel?

Caption Contest: Gawker Blogger Takes A Nap

That couch does look comfy

We received this photo, taken of the lovely Gawker co-editor Emily Gould, from a mole inside Gawker’s Crosby Street HQ, a scene oddly reminiscent us of the heady, nap-friendly days of Silicon Alley 1.0. Except, perhaps, without as many Razors.


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  • Video: Sassy Book Party @ Lolita

    Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer, authors of the Sassy magazine love letter, How Sassy Changed My Life, hosted a book party at Nolita’s unassuming Lolita bar Wednesday. We dispatched videographer/producer Kelly Loudenberg to shoot it. Watch as Gawker’s Emily Gould compares Sassy to Spy using the “old white men” metaphor, Atoosa Rubenstein tries to scare up an “Alpha Kitty” and a literary scout recalls Sassy‘s thorough masturbation coverage. Enjoy!