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LA Deaf Group Lawsuit Against CNN Moves Forward

When the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD) filed suit against CNN over the news network’s lack of close-captioning of online videos, the cable channel responded with an anti-SLAPP motion. Very broadly, CNN argued, all of its activities – right down to the decision not to caption website videos – are protected by the First Amendment.

Per a THR Hollywood, Esq. report by Eriq Gardner, CNN’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit has been denied. Oakland United States Magistrate judge Lauren Beeler ruled on March 23 that GLAD will have its day in court:

CNN also made the argument that not providing closed-captioning was an issue of editorial control because the news organization should have the right to reject something that didn’t satisfy its editorial standards, including technology that could result in inaccuracies.

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Australian Politician Lifts Lines from a Michael Douglas American President Speech

Australian House of Representatives leader Anthony Albanese was just busted lifting lines from the 1995 film The American President, written by Aaron Sorkin, in a speech to the National Press Club of Australia.

Here is the part of Albanese’s speech in question:

“In Australia we have serious challenges to solve and we need serious people to solve them. Unfortunately, Tony Abbott is not the least bit interested in fixing anything. He is only interested in two things: making Australians afraid of it and telling them who’s to blame for it.”

And here’s are Sorkin’s lines delivered by Michael Douglas in the film:

“We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you, Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who’s to blame for it.”

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Basketball Wives LA Schedule Now Includes Two August Court Dates

Even though the upcoming VH1 series Basketball Wives LA encompasses Kimsha Artest, the significant other of “Metta World Peace,” the final weeks leading up to the scheduled August 29 debut on VH1 have been anything but in keeping with Ron-ron’s new handle.

According to the always eagle-eyed Eriq Gardner of THR Esq., there are not one but two court dates set for later this month. On August 22, Orlando Magic star Gilbert Arenas will try to get an injunction to prevent the show from airing, while a week later, on the series debut date, attorneys for production company The Shed Media Group will be ready to fire back. Per Gardner:

Here’s the key [Media Shed response] passage:

“In a showing of unparalleled hubris, Plaintiff claims that he is so famous and important that simply mentioning the words ‘basketball wives’ in the same sentence as [his former fiancée Laura] Govan’s name -impermissibly impinges on his rights… Plaintiff is wrong.”

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Mom @OMGFACTS Goes After Son’s Business Partner

More than a year into a joint partnership deal with Spartz Inc., the Northern California 17-year-old who founded Twitter feed @OMGFACTS says he has reaped a measly $100 from the arrangement. As a result, per an exclusive report by Hollywood Reporter legal eagle Eriq Gardner, the teen’s mom is now suing on his-their behalf.

The account @OMGFACTS is a classic Twitter success story. By re-purposing funky trivia tidbits about pop culture, Adorian Deck has accumulated more than 1,750,000 followers. But it sounds like the family gave business partner Emerson Spartz some foolish fine print leeway:

The deal is said to have entitled Deck to profits for merchandising and a share of YouTube revenue, but allegedly didn’t require Spartz to disclose those revenues. The contract is also said to have assigned Spartz Inc. “any copyright in any existing or future works” for OMGFACTS…

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Howard Stern’s Porky’s Remake in Legal Trouble

Fans of the Howard Stern Show know the King of All Media has been talking about remaking the 1982 teen sex comedy Porky‘s for decades. Things are finally progressing, as Howard Stern’s Porky’s is supposedly finally in the works and set to begin production in the not-too-distant future. But, as THR Esq.‘s Eriq Gardner uncovered, a new hurdle has just popped up. A company called Mola Entertainment claims they own the rights to make the next film in the franchise, after making an unheralded Porky’s flicked called Pimpin’ Pee Wee in 2009.

Stern, they say, will have to wait until 2014 for his version.

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Katie Holmes’ Defamation Lawsuit Disputes Narcotic Effects of E-Meter

As you may have heard, Katie Holmes is suing Star Magazine for $50 million for defamation, after cover headlines in the mag insisted Holmes was in the midst of a “DRUG SHOCKER” and an “ADDICTION NIGHTMARE!” THR Esq.’s Eriq Gardner dug into the lawsuit and his results are pretty entertaining.

Star‘s cover headlines seemed to imply Holmes was a pill-popping basket-case of some kind. But the story inside the mag detailed Holmes’ supposed addiction to endorphins culled from excessive use of a Scientology e-meter. Gardner got a hold of the complaint, which dismissed e-meters as being addictive, or of having barely any effects on the body at all: “even if it might cause the body to produce endorphins (which is doubtful), vigorous exercise produces endorphins, and no one would call exercise a drug or an exercise regimen a “DRUG SHOCKER” or “ADDICTION NIGHTMARE.”

Furthermore, Gardner says Holmes’ case reminds him of Kato Kaelin, but you’ll have to read his take on that.

Stan Lee Versus…Stan Lee?

Weird story from THR Esq. Comic book legend Stan Lee is being sued by his namesake company Stan Lee Media Inc. for intellectual property theft. Lee left SLMI for Marvel Entertainment nearly a decade ago, and the legal wrangling for control of Lee’s comic universe has been going on ever since. THR‘s Eriq Gardner explains:

California federal judge Stephen Wilson is allowing the authorities now controlling SLMI to pursue a lawsuit against Lee for improperly transferring the intellectual property rights to many legendary comic book characters including Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, Thor, and more.

On Monday, with Judge Wilson’s blessing, the plaintiff filed a new consolidated complaint that alleges that Lee assigned rights to these characters to SLMI in 1998 and then colluded to divert assets to his other companies, QED Productions and Pow! Entertainment, before they eventually wound up in Marvel’s hands as the result of a settlement.

This latest suit comes only weeks after a billion dollar Lee/SLMI/Marvel suit was dismissed.

Hold On A Sec: AP Still Fighting Over Shepard Fairey ‘Hope’ Pic

So now that Shepard Fairey and the AP came together and announced a settlement this week over Fairey’s Obama “Hope” poster–mutually agreeing to cash in together on future revenue from the art–the whole issue is dropped, right?


THR Esq.‘s Eriq Gardner writes that the battle over the “Hope” image is far from over. Still unresolved is the matter of whether Fairey’s artistic rendering of the AP image is considered “fair use.” While Fairey no longer has to deal with the issue, licensees who made money selling “Hope” posters and t-shirts are still on the AP‘s legal radar.

Gardner explains:

Even as AP was coming to resolution with Fairey himself, the media organization was continuing to pursue claims against the companies that licensed the “HOPE” image — directly or indirectly — from Fairey. Just a few days before a judge in the case dismissed AP’s claims against Fairey as the result of a settlement, the AP filed a motion for summary judgment against those licensees, who allegedly made millions of dollars in t-shirt sales adorned with the “HOPE” image.

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Nikki Finke Sues Deadline Hollyweird

To be honest, we had never visited the knockoff website until we came across today’s item by Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter indicating that Nikki Finke and her parent co. are going after it for copyright infringement. Among their major objections is the fact that the joksters have duplicated her blue-sky-and-Hollywood-sign banner logo. There is, however, no trace of any TOLDJA! homage.

Based on the fact that nothing has been posted to Hollyweird since November 18th, the lawsuit filing may have already put the fear of Finke in them. But until the site goes dark, there is actually some pretty good content here.

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