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Daily News Publishes Daily News Exclusive

NY_DNAs you know, we here at FishbowlNY hate the term “exclusive,” mostly because absolutely no one cares, but also because it’s rarely actually an exclusive. However, we have to hand it to the New York Daily News. It’s taking the term to new heights (lows?) by publishing an “exclusive” about a Daily News story.

Today, the paper ran the headline “EXCLUSIVE: Daily News Campaigning to Save City’s Beloved Carriage Horses,” and then explained its fight to rescue the equines, complete with an op-ed by Liam Neeson. Of course this is not an exclusive.

At best it’s simply an article; at worst, a press release. But the Daily News’ editors felt like slapping “exclusive” on there because why the hell not? Everyone knows it’s a completely meaningless word anyway.

Bravo Daily News. Or rather, EXCLUSIVE: FishbowlNY Says Good Job Daily News.

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New York Responds To Animal Group’s Complaint


New York magazine’s response to a letter from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, via communications manager Lauren Starke:

New York magazine received the letter from Jane Hoffman this morning, and told her that we didn’t see a reason for a correction to Arianne Cohen‘s piece “The Doggie-Doom Disparity.” It’s plain to see by comparing Hoffman’s letter and the piece that nothing was incorrect, or correctable.

The article states outright in the first paragraph that euthanasia rates are down 37 percent, and emphasizes that Mary Martin is well liked. As for Hoffman’s distinction between healthy animals and treatable animals, in our interviews with Ed Sayres he specifically included treatable animals, stating, “Our timeline is 2010; as you handle animals with more and more complexities, you need more time.” Lastly, although her internal funding cycles have shifted significantly, the overriding statement — that Hoffman’s organization stated a “No Kill 2008″ goal — remains.

We told Hoffman that we are pleased to run an edited version of her letter for the issue out Monday that emphasizes the good work the Alliance is doing.


  • NYC Animal Group Demands Retraction From New York Mag Over ‘Doggie Doom’ Article
  • NYC Animal Group Demands Retraction From New York Mag Over ‘Doggie Doom’ Article


    The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is furious over an article in this week’s New York magazine — Arianne Cohen‘s “The Doggie-Doom Disparity” — that it says contains “gross misrepresentations” and “inaccurate and sensationalist assertions” regarding the city’s animal rescue efforts. New York magazine denies any misrepresentations and stands by its story.

    [SEE: New York mag's response.]

    In a letter to editor Adam Moss, the group’s president, Jane Hoffman, writes that she is “deeply disappointed … particularly since I spent substantial time with [Cohen] and the fact checker to be sure that they had the correct information. Contrary to Ms. Cohen’s inaccurate and sensationalist assertions, the New York City animal rescue community’s efforts are on track and making great progress.”

    Writes Hoffman: “I would also like to correct the negative impression and misrepresentation conveyed about Mary Martin’s reasons for resigning. We are all very excited about the fabulous new position she will be starting in March working with a project funded by a major foundation to set up spay and neuter clinics in Los Angeles.”

    This particular “misrepresentation” seems a bit overblown, in light of Cohen’s seemingly benign assertion: “[Animal Care and Control director Ed] Boks’s replacement, the well-liked Mary Martin, won’t be solving things either—she’ll be resigning in March. ‘New York City is a tough place to work,’ says Hoffman.”

    It certainly is.


  • Nicole Brown Family Demands Retraction From New York Mag Over Regan Article
  • New York Responds To Brown Family

    Hoffman’s letter to Moss:

    Read more

  • Nicole Brown Family Demands Retraction From New York Mag Over Regan Article


    The family of Nicole Brown is demanding a retraction and correction to assertions made by Vanessa Grigoriadis in her article published by New York magazine yesterday chronicling the O.J. Simpson book debacle and subsequent fall of Judith Regan at News Corp.’s HarperCollins.

    In a faxed letter to New York magazine owner Bruce Wasserstein obtained by FishbowlNY yesterday, attorneys for Denise Brown and Nicole Brown’s family claim that the article contains “blatant and intentional factual misrepresentations” about the Brown family’s involvement in HarperCollins’ attempts to assuage them with payout profits from the ill-fated If I Did It book project. [UPDATE: New York tells FishbowlNY that it stands by its story, and contends it never received the letter.]

    The lawyers for the Browns contend that a key part of Grigoriadis’ story — about News Corp. reps flying to Indianapolis to meet with the families to “hash out details of a payout” is “patently untrue”:

    “Neither the Browns nor any representatives of the family participate in any such meeting … they did not fly to Indianapolis, they did not ‘sit down’ with HarperCollins, they did not ‘hash out’ any details.”

    Indianapolis, the lawyers point out, is the hometown of the attorney for Fred Goldman and “has nothing to do with the Brown family.”

    Grigoriadis wrote that “the Browns had been agreeable to the payout of about $5 million” but that Denise Brown went on the Today Show to proclaim the family’s rejection of NewsCorp’s “hush money.” “The Browns did not agree to a payout,” says Brown attorney Natasha Roit.

    “While your writer contends that NewsCorp was grappling with their sense of regret, from the moment the Browns contacted me, both myself and Denise Brown were barraged with phone calls not only insisting we accept a payout, but do so within a time limit, as NewsCorp wanted a press release noting the family’s acceptance and acquiescence to their project moving forward.”

    Roit also claims the magazine did not give her a fair chance to respond to Grigoriadis’ assertions.

    “Specifically, your writer, Vanessa Grigoriadis, contacted me for comment about these items last Friday when I was unavailable in Court. Upon return, I called her back and advised her that her information was untrue and that I could substantiate the same. Having not heard from her over the weekend, I called again today, and, again, received no response. You went to print without making the correction or even including a denial. … Your writer knew at press time that information was available to counter her ‘source’ and intentionally chose not to pursue it.”

    UPDATE: New York Responds To Brown Family

  • Brown Family’s Letter To New York [PDF]