Monica Garske of AOL’s Weird News caught up with LA based Tupac Shakur impersonator Josh Harraway (pictured). Besides the occasional TV and live gig, Harraway says he has dealt with everything from being chased by TMZ paparazzi to getting paid by a fan to hang out for a few hours at the Rainbow Room.

Now, as he prepares for his biggest Tupac moment – an audition for the upcoming Antoine Fuqua directed Morgan Creek biopic – Harraway has an uncommon asset in the form of Frank Alexander, Shakur’s real-life bodyguard from September 1995 until the rapper’s death in the fall of 1996. Alexander tells AOL he’s working closely with Harraway to help him prepare for the audition:

“I’m teaching him everything I can about how Tupac moved. Josh’s resemblance is striking. With practice, I think he has a good chance of getting the role,” Alexander said. “Josh still needs to work on getting down Tupac’s swagger and charisma, but he’s beginning to scratch the surface…”

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