Just hours after tecca.com senior editor Taylor Hatmaker posted her thoughts today regarding some controversial remarks made by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) CEO Gary Shapiro in a BBC News report, Shapiro has piped up in her article comments.

In the BBC report by Matt Danzico, Hatmaker is one of several female journalists who voices her discomfort with the ongoing use of anachronistic, scantily clad “booth babes” on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) convention floor. In her post today, she explains why she found the separate BBC report remarks by Shapiro (pictured) offensive, to which the CES exec has responded in the article comments. He writes:

I am sorry. I would welcome your input on how you think I should have responded or should do so in the future. My use of the word “cute” to the [BBC] journalist was aimed at his comment (deleted in the editing) about “booth babes” being part of the technology industry…

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