globe.jpgHere’s another way to put up a digital pay wall without having to deal with all the negative connotations associated with that name: The Boston Globe, which has offered a free online edition since this summer, is now making their digital copy available only for download to your computer. And, unless you already subscribe to The Globe, you’ll have to pay for it.

Ostensibly, this makes the paper more…well, paper-like, as if that was what was missing from our online content. “GlobeReader delivers the Globe’s award-winning journalism straight to your computer in a familiar newspaper-style layout,” boasts the front page of The New York Times Co.-owned Web site for the GlobeReader, which promotes access to seven days worth of news in its bundled package for $4.98, including comics and crosswords in PDF format (although however you’re supposed to work on a crossword in PDF is beyond us).

We have to admit, this is one of the sillier ways we’ve seen a company try to monetize its digital readers. Old PDFs can potentially gather dust and take up space on your hard drive just like a real newspaper, although they are impossible to copy onto blogs, so they are also a real newspaper in that respect. In addition, it looks like most of The Globe (minus the comics and crosswords, of course) is still available online, so why pay for the GlobeReader at all? Unless you really miss your daily Marmeduke fix, of course.

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