google-bot-850.jpgYou will recall how earlier this week due to some sort of time/date glitch that resulted in an old bankruptcy story getting picked up by Bloomberg News, United Airline’s stock plummeted to almost worthlessness before the powers that be realized what was happening and put an end to the madness. Unfortunately, a lot of stockholders sold off their shares in a panic and they won’t be able to recoup their losses.

Not surprisingly there has been a lot of finger pointing: the Tribune-owned South Florida Sun-Sentinel was accused of stamping the old story with a current time-date, confusing Google‘s “crawler.” Well the Tribune Co. has been working overtime, ahead of the lawsuits we imagine the envision coming their way, to prove that the fault lies not with them but with the Googlebot, which was apparently making some damaging late-night visits to the Sun Sentinel‘s site. Here’s how the Tribune sees it:

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