Someone in KFC’s marketing department is getting a raise.

It’s hard — not to mention expensive — to get celebrity endorsements when you’re selling a low-rent product. But lucky for KFC, they found a low-rent star to give them free advertising. And the fried chicken house is giving back.

After Marc Anthony told Access Hollywood that he is a fan of giant greasy buckets of chicken, KFC sent him and Jennifer Lopez an “open letter,” inviting them to host their En Concierto tour after-party at KFC.

The letter is a bit misleading: J. Lo herself is no fan of Kentucky Fried. In fact, the Access Hollywood interview shows her denouncing Anthony’s greasy ways. But that hasn’t stopped the KFC story from taking wing. PETA apparently has even come out to denounce her for her eating habits.

Bravo, KFC marketing department! Britney Spears should have spin doctors as good as you!

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