propublica.pngNon-profit investigative newsroom ProPublica announced the winners of its first ever Investigative Governance Prizes today.

The winners were federal and state/local investigative reports of elected or executive agencies, the legislative branch or independent agencies. The jury, which included public officials, politicians and journalists, awarded four prizes — two at the state/local level and two at the federal level — but did not award a prize for a federal investigation of an independent agency.

The jury included Byron Calame, former public editor for The New York Times and former deputy managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, Denver Post editor and ProPublica Journalism Advisory Board member Gregory L. Moore and Paul Steiger, ProPublica’s editor-in-chief.

“The Prize-winning reports cited today represent government at its open, self-correcting best,” said Steiger. “Our Prizes honor dedicated investigators, and the institutions they represent, for bringing abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust to public notice. Such work can, and does, truly make a difference.”

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