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Financial Times Gives Matthew Garrahan a Major Promotion

MatthewGarrahanHeadshotMatthew Garrahan, the Financial Times‘ Los Angeles correspondent, is heading east. Sometime this summer, the well-liked journalist will relocate to New York to complete his transition to the position of the paper’s global media editor.

Effective February 1, Garrahan will oversee the paper’s coverage of media, marketing and entertainment, managing a global team of correspondents. From today’s announcement:

“Matt has been an outstanding reporter in Hollywood for the Financial Times, consistently delivering front page scoops and deeper reportage on the entertainment industry,” said FT editor Lionel Barber. “He is a highly respected media observer and his move to New York as our media editor is a natural next step. He will be a superb leader in this vital beat.”

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Twitter’s Director of Trust and Safety Shares a Few Secrets

Her name is Del Harvey (pictured); her Twitter handle is @delbius; and she has one heck of an impressive job title at the chirping bird HQ – director of trust and safety.

During the first day of this week’s SMX Social Media Conference in Las Vegas, Harvey sat down with editor-in-chief Danny Sullivan to discuss exactly what it is that she does. Q&A topics ranged from how spam reported by users is handled to the infamous, temporary banishment from the service during the London Summer Olympics of former west coast Independent correspondent Guy Adams:

“It [Adams] was a case of two independent teams that happened to overlap. Trust and Safety processes reports blind to what else is going on in other departments. It wasn’t an ideal situation. Trust and Safety is completely separate from the rest of the organization. I report to our general counsel.”

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Reinstated on Twitter, Guy Adams Gets Tripped Up by CNN

The Independent’s Guy Adams is busy making the media rounds today in the wake of all that NBC Sports, Twitter and suspension business.

Let’s hope the chyron for his subsequent interviews is more accurate than a graphic used during his first such appearance on CNN:

After a second display of the above incorrect labeling, CNN fixed it on the fly and finally had Adams with the right outlet. Watch the full video here.

Guy Adams Mess Was Actually a #TwitterFail

In a second essay about his July 29 suspension from Twitter, The Independent LA correspondent Guy Adams hints that things could have been resolved so much more easily:

I was not contacted by NBC or Twitter before my account was suspended. If they had dropped me a line, I might – might! – have quietly deleted the offending tweet. Instead, they wandered into a PR controversy which has resulted in hundreds of thousands more people being made aware of its existence.

It is now also clear that in this ideal scenario, it would have been Twitter contacting the journalist, not NBC. Because as it turns out, it was the little bird that brought the Gary Zenkel email tweet to the attention of The Peacock, not the other way around. Per a report this morning in The Daily Telegraph:

In an email to The Daily Telegraph, Christopher McCloskey, NBC Sports vice-president of communications, said Twitter had actually contacted the network’s social media department to alert them to Mr Adams’ tweets.

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UK Journo Guy Adams Questions His Suspension from Twitter

As another day of competition draws to a close in London, a huge related media story is breaking here on the west coast. At press time, The Huffington Post, Mediate and Mashable are among the latest outlets reporting the suspension from Twitter yesterday of Guy Adams, LA based correspondent for UK’s The Independent.

After tweeting out the corporate email address of an NBC executive on Friday as part of a series of rants about the network’s decision to tape-delay the opening ceremony, Adams was suspended from the service on Sunday for violation of terms of service. But in a piece posted today, Adams questions the logic of this decision, sharing the latest email he sent to Twitter’s European PR head Rachel Bremer:

“I’m of course happy to abide by Twitter’s rules, now and forever,” the email reads. “But I don’t see how I broke them in this case: I didn’t publish a private email address. Just a corporate one, which is widely available to anyone with access to Google, and is identical [in form] to one that all of the tens of thousands of NBC Universal employees share. It’s no more “private” than the address I’m emailing you from right now.”

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Renegade Scientologist Turns Down the National Enquirer

Guy Adams, LA-based correspondent for UK’s The Independent, recently traveled to Texas to interview Marty Rathbun. The resulting article made it clear why this former high-ranking (and now self-proclaimed “independent”) Scientologist has become such a thorn in the side of the Church since publicly resurfacing in 2009:

His blog, Moving on Up a Little Higher, gets around 10,000 hits a day. It has been visited a total of six million times, is credited with encouraging scores of former Scientologists to quit, and has broken a string of sensational news stories about the Church, including film director Paul Haggis‘ resignation, in 2010, and January’s decision by Debbie Cook, a senior member of Church clergy, to quit in protest at what she called its “extreme” fundraising. Almost every former Scientologist I have spoken with checks it daily.

True to form, Rathbun has shared another dramatic post today. He reveals a recent email exchange with Belinda Robinson, a reporter for the National Enquirer, during which he was offered $20,000 to spill his Tom Cruise auditing-session secrets. Rathbun had zero interest in the payola journalism pitch, but he does use it as an opportunity to link to some older pieces and warn the actor:

As the recent email cycle between a National Enquirer “journalist” and myself clearly demonstrates, you have nothing to fear from me or the independent Scientologist community. As a matter of well-demonstrated fact, we have your back. As the referenced posts above clearly demonstrate you have every reason to continue to distance yourself from [David] Miscavige (any perceived “leadership” abilities notwithstanding) and corporate Scientology…

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LA Times-CBC Report on Boy Scouts Molester Causes Media Sensation

Score another investigative coup for the LA Times. In partnership with CBC-TV newsmagazine The Fifth Estate, the newspaper on Saturday published a sensational, sickening report about an individual listed in the Boy Scouts of America’s “perversion files,” internal documents that track the presence–dating back to 1922–of an estimated 5,000 suspected sex abusers in the youth organization’s ranks.

The joint report details the abhorrent British Columbia and Southern California actions of Rick Turley (pictured), a 58-year-old Canadian who freely admits to using the cloak of the Boy Scouts to gain “easy” access to young victims on both sides of the border. He claims to have since learned how to curb those deviant impulses. The story by Jason Felch and Kim Christensen is being picked up by everyone from the Associated Press to Guy Adams, LA correspondent for UK’s The Independent. From the Times article:

Scouting officials on both sides of the border not only failed to stop Turley, but sometimes helped cover his tracks, according to confidential Scouting records, court files and interviews with victims, families and Scout leaders. At one point in 1979, Boy Scouts of America officials decided not to call police after Turley admitted molesting three Orange County boys, the organization’s records show.

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Wolfgang Puck Profile Adds a Pinch of ‘Clang!’

Sometimes, journalists write as much to entertain themselves as they do the audience at large. The choice of a structural construct here and a stylistic variation there is occasionally all about challenging ourselves to come up with something worthwhile but at the same time a little different from the narrative norm.

Guy Adams succeeds admirably in this regard with his profile of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who after all these years has finally exported his restaurant brand back to Europe with a London branch of Cut. By inserting a number of strategic “clang!” exclamations at the end of various paragraphs, the Independent correspondent manages to convey both the Austrian-born chef’s manic staccato energy and unabashed fondness for name-dropping:

“I also hope to see some of the younger people in London society there,” he adds. “British soccer players, hopefully; David and Victoria Beckham sometimes eat at Cut in Los Angeles. They like good steak. I like football; we have become friendly.” Clang! Clang!

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Reporter Survives Private Workout with ‘Mr. Muscle’

Gunnar Peterson (pictured), the one-time talent agency assistant who has remade himself as a personal trainer to top athletes and Hollywood A-listers, normally charges an amount that “is not unadjacent to $400” for a one-hour workout. But in the case of Guy Adams, west coast correspondent for London’s The Independent, he was happy to waive the fee.

Although Adams says he was sworn to secrecy with regards to the address of this sweaty journalistic assignment, it would seem likely many paparazzi already know where people like Halle Berry, Pete Sampras, and Angeline Jolie spend their non-house call personal trainer dollars. The second-floor Beverly Hills studio also boasts a hilarious signed picture from horse-riding client Sylvester Stallone. The inscription reads: “Never trust anything that can shit and run at the same time!” Writes Adams:

We pummel muscle groups I never knew existed. Peterson escorts me from familiar pieces of kit, such as exercise bikes, to completely alien ones, including a moving staircase which speeds up the faster I run, and a rotating platform designed to improve balance.

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Adult Industry Reels from

Although deals with matters far less sensitive than those discussed in international diplomatic cables, the fallout is potentially very serious for the thousands of adult film stars whose true identities have been exposed.

A representative for the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM), the Sherman Oaks clinic suspected of being the source of the leaked XXX actor name, address and – in some cases – relatives information, confirms to NBC Los Angeles they have launched a full investigation and will consider pressing charges. Meanwhile, Guy Adams, LA correspondent for the Independent, suggests the breach could be particularly damaging to former adult stars now working in the conventional job world. He also frames the anonymous operator(s) of as being a far cry from Julian Assange:

No one knows what motivated the creator of Porn Wikileaks, which is amateurish and Thursday struggled to cope with a sudden surge in traffic. The site is registered in the Netherlands, apparently by a disgruntled member of the “porn press”, and describes the purpose of its existence as being a “media organization” devoted to making the industry more transparent.

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