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Let’s Talk More About Paid Content!

crystalggball2_bmwPreview.jpgThe paid content conversation rages on. One suspects that at some point before the end of this year the financial situation of newspapers may be so dire that readers will be faced with the choice of paying for content or relying on for their news. Until that fateful days arrives here’s the where the conversation currently stands:

  • Jack Shafer says the key is to figure out what customers will pay for: “Not all successful paid sites are alike, but they all share at least one of these attributes: 1) They are so amazing as to be irreplaceable. 2) They are beautifully designed and executed and extremely easy to use. 3) They are stupendously authoritative.”

  • Howie Kurtz says it’s going to be a battle of hearts and minds as much as wallets: “It was arguably a mistake for newspapers and magazines to hand out their goodies to anyone with a computer screen, but the culture of the Net was — and is — that everything should be free. The question now is whether that mind-set can be changed.

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Mediabistro Course

Travel Writing

Travel WritingStarting September 23, learn how to turn your travel stories into published essays and articles! Taught by a former Vanity Fair staff writer, James Sturz will teach you how to report, interview, and find sources, discover story ideas and pitch them successfully, and understand what travel editors look for in a story. Register now! 

Barack Obama Drinking Coffee With Everyone but The New York Times

wapo.obama2.JPGDoes Barack Obama have something against the New York Times? We talked about this a bit on the media menu this morning but it’s beginning to seem like Obama is planning on visiting every newspaper but the Times. Yesterday he hit both the USA Today and Washington Post newsrooms and today is heading to Ohio before making his ceremonial way to DC by train, so unless there is some sort of unscheduled pit stop in Manhattan it doesn’t look like he will make it to the Times before the Inauguration.

Over at FBDC Patrick Gavin got his hands on the pool report from yesterday’s PEOTUS trip to WaPo — ironically penned by the Times Helene Cooper, who sounds slightly less than thrilled about covering the trip. Despite Drudge’s interpretation that there was some sort of standing ovation, Howie Kurtz assures that the room managed to remain (mostly calm). Cooper’s pool report after the jump.

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Does Rupert Murdoch Have an Obama-Shaped Hole in his Heart?

nyp1105g.pngToday’s New York Times is speculating whether Rupert Murdoch has a soft spot for Barack Obama. Anyone who keeps up with the New York Post can’t help but be aware that the Senator and now President-elect has rarely been subject to the infamous (and endlessly entertaining) lacerations of the Post‘s front-page headlines. However the Times also points out that the love is not merely cover-deep:

The Post mentioned Mr. Obama’s damaging associations with the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright and William Ayers less often than several other large American newspapers, including its archrival tabloid, the Daily News

So, has Rupe gone left?

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Judith Miller to Join Fox News

miller.jpgSo what do you do if you’re a disgraced former investigative reporter for the national paper of record, who, in your own words, became a “lightning rod for public fury over the intelligence failures that helped lead our country to war?” You go work for Fox News of course!

Over at WaPo Howie Kurtz is reporting that Fox News has signed Judith Miller to be an on-air analyst as well as contribute to Fox’s website. Says says Fox senior vice president John Moody: “We’ve all had stories that didn’t come out exactly as we had hoped. [Ha!] It’s certainly something she’s going to be associated with for all time, and there’s not much anyone can do about that, but we want to make use of the tremendous expertise she brings on a lot of other issues.” The “for all time” bit does seem a bit overdone, but still that was a pretty fundamental screw-up. Television is the great absolver, however! Miller isn’t the only questionable hire Fox has made of late.

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FBNY at Day Two of the Time Politics Summit 2008


FBNY is back uptown at the Time Warner Center attending day two of the Time Political Summit 2008. So far today we’ve listened to Dan Rather talk about his upcoming court case, and Howie Kurtz discuss lipstick on a pig. TVNewser is also here. Tune into our twitter for the play-by-play.

Did MSNBC Make the Right Decision?

According to Howie Kurtz the liberal blogosphere was up in arms over MSNBC‘s decision to replace Olbermann and Matthews with Gregory, many of them accusing the network of cowtowing to pressure from John McCain’s camp. What say you FBNY readers? Was it a good decision or not?

Should MSNBC Have Replaced Olbermann and Matthews?
( surveys)

Carr to Kurtz: ‘Many of the People That I Write About Are Currently Writing About Me’

Carrggkurtz-1.pngRemember how last month that weird, rather skeptical story went out that WaPo‘s Howie Kurtz and the NYT‘s media columnist David Carr were involved in some sort of feud over how Kurtz had described Carr’s just released memoir Night of the Gun? Well looks like that was all water under the bridge! (Though, the entire story didn’t actually hold much water for us to begin with.) Carr appeared as a guest on Kurtz’s CNN show Reliable Sources this weekend to discuss his book and had this to say about the fallout of his memoir with regards to his job.

KURTZ: Well, now that you have laid this all out there in the book — it was excerpted in The New York Times magazine — do you think it may be a little harder for you to work as a reporter with all the sources, the people you deal with professionally, knowing your deep, dark secrets.

CARR: You know, two weeks ago I would have said, Howard, that is a nonissue. Not going to happen. But right now, I’m in the thicket of coverage, and many of the people that I write about are currently writing about me. And it’s created at least a temporary sort of problem for me.

In terms of what the long-term implications for my career, it’s — you know, it’s difficult for me to measure at this point. But I’ve had a massively positive reception. I’m pretty proud of the book. People seem to like it. People seem OK with the guy that wrote it. And probably most importantly, my bosses think it’s a really good book.

The MSM Finally Meets the John Edwards Love Child

nytni.pngLet the rationalizing begin! After the John Edwards story officially broke last Friday — running almost non-stop on every cable channel — many news organizations are now in the process of trying to explain why it took them so long to take up a story initially reported by the National Enquirer last December. The general consensus seems to be that the reluctance may have been less about an overriding sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards than the fact that no one wanted to dirty their hand on a Enquirer story. Well he who laughs last laughs loudest as they say, and, as the WSJ points out the NI actually has a history of breaking stories (remember Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones?) so arguably people should have been less wary about getting their hands dirty.

On CNN’s Reliable Sources Salon‘s Joan Walsh said it was more a matter of there not being enough sources, even anonymous ones. CNN’s Jessica Yellin concurred but also pointed out (and we think she probably makes a very good point here) that if the media had been in “hot pursuit of the story and pushing it and putting it on the airwaves at that time, we would have gotten lambasted for ignoring a war, ignoring a tanking economy, and all these issues that matters to voters.” For his part Howie Kurtz says the situation became “ludicrous” and basically turned into “a conspiracy of silence by the media.” That said, up until today the majority of the NYT print coverage was relegated to the Caucus blog, the op-ed pages and a Week in Review story about disgraced politicians and television written by Alessandra Stanley (according to public editor Clark Hoyt the Times never even made “serious effort to investigate the story”). Of course, you may have also heard that Russia is in the midst of launching a war.

Carr and Kurtz: A Media Throwdown?

Carrkurtz.pngIs there a feud brewing between WaPo‘s Howie Kurtz and the NYT‘s David Carr? The Star Tribune seems to think so. Whilst interview Carr on his upcoming memoir Night of the Gun — in which Carr (amazingly) details his past as a both a drug addict and dealer, among other things — columnist “C.J.” asked Carr if he planned to appear on Kurtz’s CNN show Reliable Sources, to which he replied, “Howard Kurtz stapled me pretty good this morning. So I don’t think Howard and I will be spending a lot of quality time together.”

Hmm. The Tribune scribe points to Kurtz’s recent column as the source of Carr’s complaint. It is a column, mind you, that basically boils down to a positive review of both Carr and his book, and during which Kurtz says not one bad thing about Carr that Carr hasn’t already said about himself. Kurtz sounded befuddled upon hearing Carr’s remarks. We are also befuddled, and perhaps a little skeptical that after all this Carr would be offended by Howie Kurtz.

Sun Valley Media Mogul Report

Ron Mwangaguhunga reports:

It’s July, so that means that the chattering class big guns are out and about in Sun Valley, Idaho, at investment banker Herb Allen‘s mogul retreat for a little “deep think” interspersed with rounds of golf. There is always, lurking in the green, the possible dramatic tension of the merger-subplot-scenario. Heather Godchild, chief media analyst at Standard and Poor’s credit rating service, told the Seattle Times: “Bucolic it may be, but this is a chessboard. You’ve got major, major players there thinking through some big questions.”

Much of the reporting coming out of Sun Valley appears to revolve around four themes:

  • 1. Rupert Murdoch Watching, which is a form of media-driven spectator sport involving the parsing of Mr. Murdoch’s every utterance for a cue as to when — or if — there will be a satisfying resolution to the $60-a-share deal for Dow Jones
  • 2. What is the future of media distribution?
  • 3. What will be the effect of private equity on the media entertainment industry?
  • 4. No one can get enough of Facebook, which most recently has been featured in both Time and Howie Kurtz‘s Reliable Sources last Sunday.

    The runner-up?

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