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Gawker Named ‘Most Valuable Blog’

gawkggger.jpgGawker may be slimming down…again! But that hasn’t stopped finance blog 24/7 Wall St. from naming it the most ‘valuable’ blog out there in its top 25 ranking.

The site explains its full criteria here, and points out that the list does not include blogs which are part of larger companies “because the traffic of these properties is almost never broken out,” or blogs that do not have revenue (i.e. The Daily Beast “does not take advertising or sell products. In theory, it has little if any economic value at all.”).

That said, the top five are as follows: Gawker, HuffPo, Drudge, Perez Hilton, Sugar Inc. The recently much-talked-about Politico clocks in at number 10. The site had this to say about Gawker:

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Mediabistro Course

Copy Editing: Intro

Copy Editing: IntroStarting January 6, learn basic copy editing skills using the AP Stylebook! In this course, you'll learn how to use dictionaries and online reference tools to edit work, ask the right questions to clarify convoluted copy, prepare for a copy editing test, and tailor your resume to find more work as a copy editor. Register now!

Don’t Know What Books to Buy For Christmas? Let Salman Rushdie (and Others) Help!

MarilynMonroeReadsJamesJoyce.jpgIt’s no secret the book industry is in a free fall right now. And like every other industry that’s being hit by the economic tsunami rolling through the country the results have been shocking and painful. Of course the publishing industry (much like the newspaper and auto) has been on a slow decline for years, and there is no shortage of people ready to explain to you all the whys and wherefores and bad decisions that were made along the way. However, that’s not what we’re here for today! Today we are only interested in talking about good books! Because at the end of the day, regardless of the business that produces them, books are important. Language and stories are important. One might argue that there has never been a time in our history when we’ve been more surrounded by words, still, unlike the current media trend that has us all writing in the moment (often times in 140 characters or less) books allow us to step back, stretch our minds, take the long view, and stand outside of ourselves. They also require a commitment to thinking beyond the NOW, which for someone who lately is finding it a challenge to get through a Frank Rich column (lengthwise!) — let alone, say, the thoroughly fabulous 700+pp Nixonland — is proving to be a necessary exercise indeed!

After the jump see what Salman Rushdie, Brian Williams, Peggy Noonan and more(!) recommend.

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HuffPo Reaches 4.5 million Visitors per Month, Up 472 Percent

huffpoggg.pngHey! Looking to increase traffic for your website? Try writing about the election (of course at this stage of the game, we’d be hard-pressed to name anyone not writing about the election). Anyway, looks like politics has paid huge dividends for both HuffPo and Politico, who, according to Comscore’s latest tally for stand-alone political blogs and news siteshave seen “explosive” growth over the past year. led among a group of selected stand-alone political blogs and news sites with 4.5 million visitors in September, up 472 percent versus year ago, while attracted 2.4 million visitors (up 344 percent) and saw 2.1 million visitors (up 70 percent).

Time, which recently relaunched its website, has also seen a big increase reaching 7.2 million unique visitors for September (up 79 percent year over year). It’ll be interesting to see what happens to some of these sites after Nov. 4 when much of that traffic experiences some sort of severe political news hangover and looks to other subject matter. Or not. There is, we suppose, the small possibility that this election has radicalized the population enough that Barack Obama really is the new Britney Spears and will continue to enjoy high levels of attention (presuming he’s victorious), but we’re not holding our breath.

McCain Story: Who Knew What When?

capt.688e793e45884ead8e5c870bae99f10f.mccain_2008_scmc103.jpgKnow the adage that when the media start reporting on themselves, the story is over? How quickly, then, did this story of McCain’s alleged improprieties with a lobbyist evaporate:

HuffPo takes on the New York Times (kinda), questioning (but never answering) why the paper dragged its feet.

U.S. News reminds us all that Drudge had the story first.

Jon Stewart reminds Larry King that dirty politics is icky.

HuffPo’s IT Guys Probably Going Nuts Today

ahuffface.jpegHuffPo is upgrading its technology. The new technology will refresh the site automatically, give a more accurate ad-impressions count and make it easier for people to post comments (that last feature is only arguably an improvement).

Press release follows:

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Sundown on Sunset: Flaming August


Kerry Madden, Los Angeles author, tells us about writing fiction for young adults.

Every doggie should have his day, thanks to Daniel Guss.

Ben Mankiewicz, Teresa Strasser and Katie Daryl are joining TMZ. Who knows why?

The HuffPo thinks Merv Griffin Is Gay is breaking news.

Reuters doesn’t think it’s news at all. (Reuters has “standards for news”? Since when?)

(photo from Thairin Smothers at WoW.)

Michael Moore’s Unchosen One

CNN didn’t select Michael Moore’s YouTube’d question in Monday night’s presidential debate. Lucky for him, HuffPo let him post it on the site, along with a big, sparkly plug for Sicko.

We’re awaiting the candidate’s YouTube responses. Or at least a “What up?” from the snowman.

Arianna In Our In Box

ariannahp.jpgIt’s a rare thing for the HuffPo to pimp one of their columns to us. Rarer, still, for it to be one of Arianna’s own. But this one takes the media to task. And what better place to do that than on

Her column, with its post-modern headline, The Mainstream Media’s Take on Iraq: Right, Left… And Dead Wrong, suggests that the media are too busy trying to frame the Iraq war in terms of partisan politics. Her premise is that journalists believe anti-war sentiment is just the stuff of Prius-driving, sea-turtle lovers, while everyone who spent the morning in church yesterday wants to kill A-rabs with their teeth.

“Divorced from the reality of what’s going on in Iraq. Wedded to a deluded perception of the war. Unwilling to acknowledge widespread and irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Sound like anyone you know? No, I’m not talking about President Bush — though it’s certainly true of him as well. I’m talking about the mainstream media, and their relentless depiction of the Iraq war as a left/right issue, even as the facts give lie to this hoary framing.”

Huffington goes after big game: Howard Fineman, Candy Crowley and Judy Woodruff.

Seriously? You’re surprised that the media are unraveling the very fabric of democracy out of sheer laziness and an unyielding adherence to manufactured story lines? Isn’t that why you started a blog?

Either you’re playing coy or you’re the one divorced from reality.