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NABJ: Keep Imus Off The Air

imus_rutgers_update.jpgAl Sharpton might okay with it, but the National Association of Black Journalists has wee bit of a problem with Imus‘ rumored return to the airwaves. Says NABJ president Bryan Monroe:

“NABJ and America applauded in April the decision of national broadcasters to remove his language from the national airwaves. We would hope that, just a few months later, they would not substitute a desire to cash in for the need to stand by their convictions.”

Sharpton, via Radar: “My position is that we never called for him to be permanently barred from being on the air. We’ll see when he comes back, and if he comes back, what are the boundaries and what is the understanding. We’ll be monitoring the situation, but we wanted him to pay for being a repeat abuser, and he paid. We never said we didn’t want him to make a living.”


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    Al Sharpton Protests TMZ’s Beyoncé ‘Roboho’ Post

    ‘Roboho’ no-no?

    It’s been awhile, but we finally have another post-Imus media sensitivity moment: Al Sharpton has launched a protest campaign against TMZ. TMZ’s staff referred to Beyonce Knowles‘ BET Awards outfit [above] as her “Roboho” costume in a fashion parody piece. In a sad day for fashion bloggers everywhere, TMZ has already changed their wording: “Roboho” is now “BeyonceTron.”

    Here’s the official call to arms from Sharpton’s National Action Network:

    Calling any woman a “ho” is demeaning and abusive and it should not be tolerated on any level. It is intolerable to think that would find humor in calling Beyonce — someone who symbolizes the strength, dignity and uplifting of Black women — a “Roboho,” and they should be denounced by the entire community for glorifying the continued oppression of women with this derogatory term. Racism in America is perpetuated by ignorance and hate and using one’s airwaves or media entity to promote it is a blatant setback to civil rights and the advancement of equality.


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  • K-Rock Returns


    K-Rock Returns To A Different World Of Terrestrial Radio

    It’s a fickle time to be involved in the radio industry. The New York Times reports that CBS Radio relaunched K-Rock in New York yesterday on their former 92.3 WFNY-FM station with little advance warning. K-Rock, a classic rock-oriented station, occupied the 92.3 frequency until January 2006 when it was replaced by the all-talk WFNY.

    They ushered in the return of K-Rock by playing Nirvana‘s “All Apologies.” (Aw.)

    All of WFNY’s hosts, save Opie & Anthony team Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumia, are out of jobs. Axed hosts include Nick Di Paolo, Leslie Gold and “Ron and Fez.” The profit-oriented move is the latest for a troubled station that has been reeling since Howard Stern‘s defection to satellite radio in 2005. When station general manager Tom Chiusano was asked if the rebranding was due to post-Imus skittishness, he said no — and then went on to boast about his tape delay controls to keep the Condoleezza Rice-fascinated Opie & Anthony in line. But let’s face it — it’s probably all about Imus.


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    • ‘The Dude’: To play Graydon Carter in adaptation of Toby Young book. [WWD]

    • ‘Godmother’ Elizabeth Spiers: Makes snarky peers “choke on their Red Bull.” [Marketwatch]
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    Post-’Hos World: Opie & Anthony Suspended By XM


    Radio companies — even satellite ones — appear to be tightening up in a post-Imus world. Yesterday, XM suspended shock-jocks Opie & Anthony 30 days for a homeless man’s comments about Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush and Queen Elizabeth, aired last week on the show. The suspension follows last week’s cancellation of The Dog House with JV and Elvis show by CBS Radio for a prank phone call to a Chinese restaurant.

    Opie & Anthony’s latest suspension, though, seems to’ve stemmed from comments made during yesterday’s broadcast, which appearently ticked off XM management:

    “Comments made by Opie and Anthony on yesterday’s broadcast put into question whether they appreciate the seriousness of the matter. The management of XM Radio decided to suspend Opie and Anthony to make clear that our on-air talent must take seriously the responsibility that creative freedom requires of them.”

    Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh and his “Barack The Magic Negro” bits soldier on, unscathed.


  • Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Barack The Magic Negro’
  • Christopher Hitchens: Va. Tech Shootings A ‘Non-Story’

    hitchens_vatech.jpgVirginia Tech was a “non-story,” no more important than news of a “traffic accident.” Magazine editors should be ashamed of themselves for not publishing the Danish cartoons. Anna Nicole was a “fat slut.” Religion “poisons everything.”

    Oh, and women? They still aren’t funny.

    Some words of wisdom offered by Vanity Fair contributing editor, author, National Magazine Award finalist and newly-ordained American citizen Christopher Hitchens at the American Society of Magazine Editors’ annual board meeting/luncheon at the Princeton Club this afternoon in New York.

    Hitchens, politely grilled by Slate editor Jacob Weisberg, sounded off on everything from Imus to Saddam to George Tenet in front of a roomful of magazine editors, but his comments about the slain Virginia Tech students seemed to be the most provocative.

    “Virginia Tech is a non-story,” said the British-born Hitchens, who said he took his oath as a U.S. citizen earlier in the day. “There were no implications” of anything bigger, explained Hitchens, who compared the shootings to a “traffic accident.” When one editor suggested the massacre pushed gun control to the forefront of the American conversation, Hitchens argued that the laws in Virginia were adequate — shooting people is already illegal, Hitchens said.

    Weisberg suggested Hitchens — whose latest book, god is not great: How Religion Poisons Everything is out tomorrow — was a provacateur; Hitchens bristled. As a journalist, your job is to “take nothing on faith,” he said.

    When asked about his controversial piece in which Hitchens argued women are not funny, he pointed to male friends who “would not have a prayer of getting laid without being amusing.”

    Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Barack The Magic Negro’

    Via Radar and Best Week Ever comes this video montage, set to a song parody by “conservative political satiristPaul Shanklin (based on this piece in the L.A. Times) that aired on Rush Limbaugh‘s radio show, which, in the wake of Imus, is, frankly, unbelievable.

    Especially for a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

    Grammy-Winning Roots Drummer Detained By DEA

    ?uestlove at one of his lucrative deejay gigs last fall

    In the last couple years, Roots drummer Ahmir Thompson, otherwise known as ?uestlove, has become a sought-after deejay — a lucrative side gig for the Philly native. According to Thompson, the extra cash — and Louis Vuitton bag, knitted rastafarian hat, his band’s lack of coverage in hip-hop magazines and, yes, skin color — is what got him detained in the Buffalo airport by the Drug Enforcement Agency in what he called “the most humiliating hour of my life.”

    Thompson then did what any air traveler does after a bad air travel experience in the JetBlue era — he blogged about it. And it appears no one gave ?uestlove the post-Imus memo:

    it was just so fucking degrading man. that is all i can describe it as. i’m sitting there like how am i gonna convince these guys that this dude with 30 dollar old navy jeans (white boy shit) and a 3000 dollar louis bag (nigga shit) and 5 figures in cash (white boy shit) and a coach seat (nigga shit) and a story of stadiums sold out across the world (nigga shit) but can’t name a hit song of his (white boy shit) (and what the hell is you doing in buffalo of all places (white boy question) followed by my “shrug” (nigga response). add on top of that my cd collection: the sly and the family stone box set and ladies of the canyon (joni mitchell) what kind of mofo is this?

    Thompson’s full MySpace rant (“Current mood: pissed off”) including a subtle but important ode to the importance of music magazines:

    Read more

    Vieira: NBC Made Right Call To Air VT Shooter Footage


    While Meredith Vieira‘s replacement on The View spent the afternoon setting the bar at a new low with her expletive-laden diatribe against Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch and the New York Post at yesterday’s Matrix Awards, the co-anchor of Today was talking about weightier subjects.

    When the newly-minted Matrix winner was asked about the media backlash against NBC News for its decision to air images and video footage from the “manifesto” they received from the Virginia Tech shooter Vieira said: “I totally understand it. I think that NBC understands it as well. If you’re a family member it’s very hard to see the pictures of Cho. I also understand the news division’s decision that there are absolutely reasons to show some of those things in order to get a clearer understanding of who that person is. I think that their decision to curtail it was a good one. It’s very hard for them to gauge what a reaction will be. I know it wasn’t done in a prurient way at all. They came upon what was an amazing amount of material from a man that nobody can understand. I don’t know if after reading it you understand him any better but you have a little more insight into what he was doing for that period of time — not just the two hours between the two shooting — but the past two months. You see that it wasn’t somebody that lost it in the moment but was extremely premeditated. … I’m glad that it’s not being shown anymore.”

    When asked about her thoughts on reporting during this intense news cycle, Vieira said: “If you’re in news — I don’t want to say you enjoy it — but that’s why you’re there.”

    Read more

    Jossip Founder Launches ‘Black-Interest’ Blog


    After “many months” of development, Jossip founder David Haislaib has launched his fourth blog (Jossip, Queerty, Mollygood) in a seemingly tricky media vertical, that is, what he calls the “black-interest” one. It’s called Stereohyped. (Bossip was already taken.)

    The tagline:

    “Once you blog black, you never go back.”

    With Barack Obama‘s 2008 run just about hitting full steam, the blog is certainly timely, though not perfectly timed, since the additional tweaking caused Stereohyped to miss the window on the Imus story.

    Haislaib’s explanatory memo:

    Read more

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