Wow, big morning for disgraced former CNN hosts on “Good Morning America.” First Rick Sanchez went on, plastic smile and all, subtly trying to get his job back (TVNewser has the video). Then the show landed Lou Dobbs to defend himself from charges that illegal immigrants tended to his horses and palatial New Jersey grounds. Dobbs denies ever personally hiring illegal immigrants, which the magazine The Nation, who broke the story about Dobbs, never accused him of.

“I am saying that for years, undocumented immigrants looked after your show jumping horses, and for years, they looked after the grounds at your West Palm Beach estate in Florida. This article is fact-checked 100 percent. It is legally vetted,”Isabel MacDonald, author of the piece, said on Dobbs’ show yesterday. MacDonald also said the illegal vs. legal issue is almost a distraction–the real issue is that the workers were underpaid and treated poorly.

Dobbs later said on Good Morning America that to run background checks on everyone who worked his property would be tantamount to “racial profiling.” Which is either complete bullshit, or Dobbs is running a plantation colony out there in New Jersey. How many people does he have working for him anyway?

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