The Occidental Weekly, a publication anchored to Barack Obama‘s oft-cited LA Alma Mater, has been around since 1893. But it’s safe to say that this week’s piece on 20-year-old art student, muralist and painter Spencer Elden ranks right up there in terms of inspired anniversary slants.

As a newborn, Elden was famously pictured on the cover of Seattle band Nirvana’s seminal 1991 album “Nevermind.” Twenty years later, reporters Jack Butcher and Evan Pydych decided to check back in with the grunge rock goo-goo ga-ga guy. They’re not the only ones to think of this, as CNN apparently was on the trail not too far back. Still, it makes for a great community read:

We talked to Elden about his viewpoint on ”Nevermind” these days. “It’s starting to fit the situation well,” Elden suggests. “There’s a lot of people who relate to the album.”

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