To go along with the song list curated by Web DJ collective Dublab Soundsystem for the June issue of Los Angeles magazine, associate editor Marielle Wakim has an online Q&A with several of the 14-year-old group’s members.

The non-profit enterprise took root at USC, where co-founder Mark “Frosty” McNeill at one point ran the campus radio station. Since that time, Dublab has grown to serve a worldwide audience, depending in part on grants and two annual fund drives. Here’s how McNeill answered when asked about some of the most obscure places  reached by the Dublab broadcasts:

“We have someone who listens from a very remote Russian province called Arkhangelsk. We even have listeners in war zones. One of our listeners, Jackson Allers, is a [music-culture] journalist for Al Jazeera in Beirut. He says he comes home and listens to Dublab at night because he can connect to something positive.”

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