There is now a humdinger of a correction sitting atop the online version of an October 11th Los Angeles Times article entitled Ring the Kettle Bell. School’s Back In. It reads:

FOR THE RECORD: Fitness DVD: The In-Your-Face Fitness column in the Oct. 11 Health section about a kettle bells instructional DVD by Jillian Michaels gave the wrong first name for a kettle bells instructor and misspelled the name of his company. He is Mark, not David, Cheng, and the business is Kettlebells Los Angeles, not Kettle Bells Los Angeles.

But that’s not why article author James S. Fell, a personal trainer based in Calgary, Canada (pictured), is in hot water. The bigger issue now, according to his reality TV star target Michaels, is that he got her professional credentials all wrong. Earlier this week, she told TV Guide that “I’ve never met [Fell] but it’s not him that I’m upset with, it’s theĀ Los Angeles Times. I expect an organization like [them] to do their due diligence. It’s not hard to look into my background and discover that I have two current certifications, I have a continuing education program for trainers with AFFA, and I’ve been a trainer since I was 17-years-old.”

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