LA based performance artist Ze Frank has been working in the Web video trenches for just over a decade now. It started with a 2001 birthday invitation that went viral and 2002 Webby Award for Best Personal Website; it continued in the spring of 2006 via daily series The Show with ZeFrank. Six years later, the multimedia saga is set to add another chapter.

According to a report on by Janko Roettgers, Ze Frank (pictured) has added to an earlier $146,752 campaign with just upwards of three-quarters of a million in seed funding.* This latest amount was pulled together from some very high-profile people:

Ze Frank quietly raised around $756,000 $200,000 late last month from Marc Andreessen, Buzzfeed co-founder John Johnson and Huffington Post co-founder Jonah Peretti… Frank told me that he intends to use the funding to start “a new kind of media company” that develops and produces shows with active audience participation. “I’m obsessed with media and the way audiences can become creative participants,” he said.

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