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The Wall Street Journal Announces Olympic Coverage

The Wall Street Journal just announced how they’re going to handle the upcoming Summer Games. The events, which last from July 27 through August 12, will be well covered by each WSJ digital platform and by an additional three pages six days a week in the paper.

The games reporting will be overseen by WSJ’s sports bureau chief, Sam Walker. There will also be over 20 WSJ reporters — London bureau chief Bruce Orwall, senior sports editor Kevin Helliker, sports columnist Jason Gay and more — covering the events as they happen, which is more than double the amount the paper had covering the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

There will also be Olympics coverage in WSJ’s “stream.” The feed pulls every Olympic article, blog, headline, tweet, video and photo and places them in one, easily-accessable page.

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The Wall Street Journal Abandons Honorifics in Sports Section

In what must be a move to become more hip, or merely to catch up with the times (and the Times), The Wall Street Journal is no longer using honorifics in its Sports section.

Jason Gay, a columnist for the section, has mixed feelings about the change:

Sports can be a messy, crude business—and the courtesy conferred by a ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ signaled a baseline of respect that has almost vanished. Calling a chill guy like Tim Lincecum “Mr. Lincecum” was pretty funny, but it also was decent. Remember how everyone used to love how Derek Jeter called then-manager Joe Torre ‘Mr. Torre’ even as he aged from a rookie into a veteran superstar? People loved it because it was gentlemanly.

FishbowlNY agrees with Gay on this. There’s something about how the New York Times and the Journal uses honorifics in their other sections that gives them esteem not found in other places. If the papers are going to keep honorifics in some sections, they should keep them in Sports. People who earn millions playing a game deserve the same respect as those who earn millions selling worthless crap, right?

Leno on Letterman and How Staying at NBC Is ‘a Gamble’

leno04.14.jpgIn the latest issue of GQ, Jay Leno talks about his decision to stay at NBC, moving to the 10 p.m. time slot and his relationship with David Letterman. Some highlights:

Q [deputy editor Michael Hainey]: There’s a scene in The Late Shift where Jack Welch of GE gives you the edge over Dave [Letterman] for The Tonight Show because of your “loyalty.” You’re being loyal again to NBC.”
A: Yeah, it’s a gamble.
Q: Do you worry loyalty this time could be taking you to a not good place?
A: It’s worked fine up until this point. I’ve never argued about money. Dave makes a lot more than I do. Way more. And I’m number one. But that’s okaaaay. How much pie can you eat?

And then there’s the whole dust up with Letterman:

Q: I heard that you wrote Dave a letter, after he had his open-heart surgery.
A: Mmm-hmm.
Q: What was in the letter?
A: Oh, just how funny I thought he was and how I owed him a lot. How important he was to me and all that.
Q: Did he respond?
A: Uh, no.
Q: Really?
A: But that’s okay. Where’d you hear that?
Q: That’s not okay.
A: Well, it’s not okay, but fine. What do you do, you know? I don’t know if he ever got it.
Q: It’s weirdly heartless.
A. I don’t know if he ever got it. He might not ever have gotten it. A middling might’ve said, “I don’t want to show this to Dave. It’ll upset him,” and thrown it away, so I don’t know. Ever talk to Dave?
Q: Ah, no.
A: Dave’s a great guy.
Q: Your relationship is a movie.
A: Well, it was a bad movie. That stupid Late Shift movie.
Q: Do you think you two will ever come around?
A: I hope so!

If you want our opinion, the best take on Leno’s 10 p.m. can be found on Bill SimmonsMarch 19th podcast with former Rolling Stone executive editor and GQ features editor Jason Gay. Simmons, who wrote for the Jimmy Kimmel Show offers an interesting take on why Leno will be back on late night soon. Just listen.