‘s manager punched gossip toady Perez Hilton after Hilton called him names that made GLAAD pissed.

We here at FBLA haven’t covered it. Mainly because we care so little about Hilton and his wailing saccharin drama. Both of us have tried to prod the other into caring/posting about this incident. Alas, we’ve yet to.

Until today. Today, we got an email, we’ve posted the whole stupid thing after the break but here is an excerpt:

“Freedom of speech should never be compromised” “Wether (sic) you love Perez or hate Perez he is a entertainment icon that has the right to free speech”

There are two documents oft quoted and rarely understood. One is the Bible, the other is the US Constitution. The First Amendment refers to Congress not abridging freedom of speech. Congress. Congress. Not’s hired muscle. Not people who disagree with you (yeah we’re talking to you Carrie Prejean). Congress. Perez Hilton’s free speech was not interfered with. He has a big mouth and someone hit him in it. That’s assault. It’s in no way related to the Freedom of Speech.

Telling someone to shut up is not violating their rights (ahem Sarah Palin). The government making you shut up is. The government. Not the press. Not your neighbor. Not a blogger. Congress. The government.

Hilton is not a martyr for Free Speech. He’s a nasty, shallow, catty gossip who has always enjoyed freedom of expression.

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