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Was Heath Ledger Courted By Scientology?


Tess Lynch, who just happens to be the child of Jane Curtin, asks the Heath Ledger question we all knew was coming:

I’m preoccupied with whether he was being courted by The Cult We Dare Not Name (Theresa Duncan, anyone?)

Seems highly unlikely. Although the woman who found him made 4 calls to Mary-Kate Olson, before she called 911. (In an eerie vein, Jeremy Blake called his mother, before he called 911.)

Lynch blogs at The Recording, which is highly readable.

And Vermont Senator/Batman fanboy Patrick Leahy has an onscreen cameo in a scene with Ledger and Christian Bale in the upcoming Batman movie.

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Sundown on Sunset: Lonely Streets


The long awaited Vanity Fair piece on Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake comes out in the January issue, by Nancy Jo Sales. Fun fact: Sales was married to Father Frank Morales They met when he was a source for a story.

Gustavo “Ask A Mexican” Arellano thinks he’s smacking us upside and downside, but he’s not. How do you polish an orange, anyway?

Sean Penn rails against state of the world, state of the union, state of bugger all. Boy, Madonna must be so glad she’s not still married to him.

Theresa Duncan, Jeremy Blake Screenplay Offered


Jonathan Chase, who may or may not be the actor, has a screenplay based on the recent deaths of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. The script, a 144 page thriller, is being advertised via a website, for 1 1/2 mil. And there’s a twist:

It’s the job of a sexy Puerto Rican detective, A. Rodriguez, to sift through acquaintances, and more than a few “scary” bloggers to solve a case with a shocking and surreal ending.

The opening’s pretty surreal as well, as this exchange shows:


I can’t help falling away when your trunk back-fires like a car.


What the hell else do you want me to do, Lady?


Get real. Theresa needs help. Pull her away from her destructive and unproductive habits. Take her out more, for starters. Look at her, she’s a caged bird…you’re going nuts, too. We’ve been watching.

FBLA has some casting suggestions for those scary bloggers.

Malcom McLaren: Jeremy Blake Was Gay


Charles Derwent follows up his earlier piece by writing on Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake in The Independent, quotes Malcolm McLaren:

“If we’re being honest,” says McLaren, “Jeremy was gay. I don’t think his relationship with Theresa was all that sexual. She was a mother to him. When I saw them in Hollywood, he was always terribly concerned that people would think he was a fag–he walked around with this hip flask of whisky in his pocket and he was constantly swigging from it, like some kind of cowboy.”

Other than this semi-bombshell, Duncanologists have read most of it before.

Newsweek On Theresa Duncan/Jeremy Blake
Theresa Duncan on Journos: “I Talked Rings Around Them”

Sonja Steptoe Leaves Time Inc.


FBLA received word that Sonja Steptoe, Time’s senior correspondent in Los Angeles, is leaving the warm embrace of the magazine world and joining a law firm next month. According to her University of Missouri alum bio:

She began her career at the Wall Street Journal, and has been a correspondent for Sports Illustrated, People, HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Court TV and CNN/SI. Today she is Time magazine’s senior correspondent and deputy Los Angeles Bureau chief. With Jackie Joyner-Kersee she co-wrote A Kind of Grace: The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Female Athlete . She won an EMMY Award in 1999 and the National Headliner Award in 1998 for outstanding sports journalism. A Duke University law graduate, Steptoe was a Harry S Truman Scholar and a Rhodes Clay Scholar as an undergraduate at MU where she double-majored in economics and journalism.

While we’re not privy to Steptoe’s reasons for the switch, we’re disheartened that such an accomplished pro would leave journalism. If we were running Time, Inc., we’d done just about anything to keep her.

Jeremy Blake, Theresa Duncan–The NY Version


David Amsden, writing in New York, fleshes out the details of the last days of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. Amsden’s a poetic writer:

During their moments of clarity there were few people as thrilling to be around as these two–the banter was invigorating, the exchange of ideas fervent–but an incident like this was a reminder that moments of clarity were increasingly rare. For many friends this image of the couple–abrasive, frightened, isolated from what they loved and fostered–would prove to be their final memory.

And those friends are heavily referenced in the piece, as very few were willing to talk on the record.

LA Times on Jeremy Blake, Theresa Duncan


Chris Lee’s LA Times story is dated August 3, which is tomorrow, right? But he’s got tons of great information–some of which hasn’t been reported elsewhere.

In anticipation of a lawsuit (which he never filed) Jeremy Blake prepared a history of the couple’s alleged harrassment, naming Tom Cruise,Miranda July, Paul Thomas Anderson, former Viacom Chief Executive Tom Freston, Beck and Art Forum Editor Tim Griffin, and a number of Hollywood talent agents and major league art collectors were accused of being in on the conspiracy.

FBLA’s Kate Coe Lays Theresa Duncan Myths To Rest

07_37_37news3.jpgIn a truly engrossing tale of a mind unraveling, FBLA’s own Kate Coe sets the record straight about Theresa Duncan.

Duncan, a game designer/writer who committed suicide last month — followed by her artist boyfriend Jeremy Blake, is being remembered as a sexy woman who had taken Hollywood and New York by storm.

But, Kate, remembers a slightly different reality, as she writes in the L.A. Weekly:

In a written exchange in 2006, Duncan and I discussed how people create personal facades. She wrote, “I said I had the last credits of my B.A. on resumes when I did not. I shave a couple years off my age sometimes, which is the only thing I regret.” In the same exchange, she explained that having arrived in Hollywood, “I tell the truth about all these things all the time. The fantasy is handled in my day job. Plus, my profile is raised and I don’t want any fodder for making me look unreliable when I have to handle large crews and budgets.”

In the end, Kate writes, the image Duncan created for herself couldn’t make up for the reality of a troubled soul.

Her blog was called The Wit of the Staircase, the literal translation of the French l’esprit d’escalier. It means a perfect rejoinder that comes too late.

Theresa Duncan, Filmmaker and Game Developer, Reported Dead


Theresa Duncan, filmmaker and blogger, took her own life last week in New York, according to LA Observed.

Duncan was a pioneer in CD-ROM games for girls, creating Chop Suey and Smarty, introducing Mimi Smartypants. She was said to be directing her first film, in New York this summer, which was part of a deal with Fox Searchlight. Here’s a 2005 interview from the Hotel Chelsea blog.

Duncan and her partner, artist Jeremy Blake (who is missing as of this posting), were regular party guests at this FBLA editor’s home–always amusing, amazingly clad, and bearing unusual and unexpected gifts. Theresa had a unique visual sensitivity, and would frequently point out stunning juxtapositions of images.

Duncan also wrote about perfume, and the fragrance forums are mourning her.