David Cohn announced today that after four years up and running, his experiment in crowd-funded journalism, Spot.us, is merging with American Public Media’s Public Insight Network. Day-to-day operations of  Spot.us will now be overseen by PIN’s Joaquin Alvarado.

Cohn tells us he’s staying on with Spot.us, but his role will be largely scaled back–at least in the short term. “I’m teaching at Berkeley’s J-school this year which is more or less full time. At the moment I’m going to be a contractor or consultant with PIN helping to integrate Spot.Us into their larger system. I’ll also be advising on ways that we can scale Spot.Us up, basically explaining visions I always had for Spot.Us but lacked the resources for.

“In the future – I may come on full time at PIN – as my Berkeley gig ends in August. But that is far enough away that I can’t say for sure.”

Spot.us is already fully funded for the first year of the merger with PIN.

American Public Media press release after the jump:

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