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Mel Gibson’s Unlikely New Ally: A Female Journalist

ShutterstockMelGisbonCannes2011There are two major strands running through Allison Hope Weiner‘s plea to Hollywood to take Mel Gibson off the industry blacklist. One is the idea of forgiveness, redemption and atonement for one’s sins; the other is how journalists writing about subjects like Gibson rarely get to truly “know” their subjects.

Weiner explains that after writing damning pieces about Gibson for outlets such as the New York Times and EW, she gradually came to know him as someone very different from the 2006 PCH incident that launched TMZ. Even more unlikely is the idea that this journalist-Hollywood star friendship could be cemented after Gibson’s second major public transgression in 2010:

I was on vacation with my family when Gibson called me. During his breakup with [OksanaGrigorieva, he’d gone through a terrible emotional breakdown and struggled to get healthy, gain joint custody of his infant daughter and deal with the fallout from the publication of those awful tapes. He was in a very bad place and we talked for some time about how difficult it was for him to deal with the pain he’d inflicted on his family — his ex-wife Robyn and his seven children, his infant daughter.

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Mel Gibson Exclusives a Watershed Moment for TheWrap

It’s been an absolutely insane seven days at TheWrap as a result of the site’s exclusive coverage of Mel Gibson’s December 2011 Costa Rica meltdown. First came the nine-page letter written by Joe Eszterhas, followed yesterday by some frightening audio corroboration, recorded by the screenwriter’s son Nick.

“It’s a phenomenal shift moment for the site,” confirms Sharon Waxman via telephone to FishbowlLA. “We’ve never seen traffic coming in the way it has in the past week.”

TheWrap has registered hundreds of thousands of page views for each Gibson story, while social media shares have been in the tens of thousands. The Gibson coverage has also buffeted TheWrap’s international profile, with lots of UK and German linkage. When we spoke to Waxman, there was a Russian TV station crew setting up at her offices for an interview.

TheWrap’s numbers would be even larger if the audio of a sober (and perhaps severely bi-polar) Gibson had remained exclusive to the site. But because the file was shared, The Drudge Report is linking today for example to a TMZ story (with full credit to TheWrap) about the audio.

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TheWrap Makes Like TMZ, Scores Massive Mel Gibson Scoop

It was not quite as shocking as the four-page LASD arresting officer’s report that launched TMZ in the summer of 2006, mainly because it is Mel once removed. Nevertheless, the nine-page Joe Eszterhas letter obtained by TheWrap easily ranks as the website’s loudest scoop so far. Detailing a string of alleged anti-Semitic remarks made by Mel Gibson, TheWrap’s coverage was double-linked Wednesday on the Drudge Report and picked up far and wide.

At least one outlet got a major detail wrong, prompting article author Sharon Waxman to let them know about it via Twitter. At the time of this posting, the mistake has not been corrected:

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Joe Eszterhas’ Non-Sharon Stone Love Child

cross_2.jpgSharon Waxman has the dirt on Joe Eszterhas, the former journo-turned-screenwriter who has recently reunited with the daughter he put up for adoption in 1967.

Is Joe Eszterhas A Plagiarist?


Wacko Joe Eszterhas has been called plenty of things — often alongside rather flowery descriptors — but no one has ever called the Hollywood screenwriter responsible for Basic Instinct and Showgirls a plagiarist.

Until today.

New York magazine’s Vulture blog has turned up some unattributed passages in Eszterhas’ Devil’s Guide to Hollywood (St. Martin’s Press) that appear to have been lifted from writer Shaun Considine‘s Mad as Hell, an out-of-print 1994 biography of screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky.


On page 176 of The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood, Eszterhas quotes Chayefsky on dialogue: “I’d like to find a tape recorder as clever as I am in dialogue. The whole labor of writing is to make it look like it just came off the top of your head.”

The quote appears on page 122 of Mad as Hell.

On page 90 of The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood, Eszterhas quotes the writer J.P. Miller on Chayefsky:

Paddy was an extraordinarily good human manipulator. He knew his way around a scrap as very few writers do. Most writers, if they get into a fight or a bad situation on a movie, call their agents. But Paddy knew Hollywood and he wouldn’t back down. He would go head to head with anybody — and at the same time he had this incredible writer’s sensitivity. That’s a rare combination which many of us don’t have. He was that rare breed of talent and fighter.

The same passage appears on page 105 of Mad as Hell.

No word from St. Martin’s Press or the Eszterhas camp. Yet.

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