Squid Ink‘s Elina Shatkin reports a rather bizarre story about LA’s Flying Pig food truck and its battle with porn company Cal Vista Pictures–who’s using the truck as a backdrop for a Ron Jeremy film. According to Shatkin, truck owner Joe Kim is mulling legal action against the company, not because the truck is featured in the backdrop, but because the title of the film is “The Flying Pink Pig.” Not exactly the type of thing a food truck wants popping up on Google searches after just being featured on Oprah. The crew is also in the process of opening a restaurant in Little Tokyo.

Said Kim: “I think these guys really wanted to take advantage of us. Not really telling us but really taking advantage of our name.”

Kim is trying to get Cal Vista to remove the Flying Pig imagery before the film is released later this month.

Meanwhile, Kim tells Eater LA he never spoke producers of the film before the shooting, but he was lead to believe by a former employee that truck was being used for a “romantic film.”