tcruise222.jpgPeter Letterese‘s ongoing battle with the Church of Scientology and poster boy Tom Cruise is coming to a head with the allegations flying in both directions.

A Florida-based legal source, who loves to gossip about it, but is unwilling to reveal even his name, has this to say about the skirmish:

Federal Bankruptcy Judge John K. Olson in Florida seems to have “become a Scientologist,” whether he knows it or not.

An appeal filed Thursday in Ft. Lauderdale Federal Bankruptcy Court says that Judge Olson has defied long-standing statutes and nearly a dozen precedents in federal bankruptcy decisions that ultimately help Scientology.

scientology.jpgAccording to many who have managed to escape the controversial cult what Scientology “does” to people in an earlier era, would be referred to as hypnotic brainwashing. And, here Cruise and Scientology seem to have perfected how to do it to an otherwise trusted and respected Federal jurist through a Miami Law Firm, Adorno & Yoss.

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