WNYC Radio launched its Public Insight Network (PIN) today, built on a service grown and powered by American Public Media (APM) and used by many newsrooms across the country. The initiative gives local newsrooms a direct link to people in their community and develops insights from people’s lives, work and personal experiences.

WNYC is using the PIN to ask educators, administrators, and parents to weigh in as  sources on topics, ranging from Chancellor Cathie Black’s performance to potential layoffs for teachers. The input from these sources adds depth and understanding to WNYC’s news coverage that a top-down approach might not reveal.

“Joining the Public Insight Network family gives us more direct access to people in the community with relevant personal experience that helps illuminate a story – and also gives them more direct access to us,” said John Keefe, Senior Executive Producer of News. “Everyday New Yorkers can put themselves forward as experts in their own communities and help inform the way we report a story, and in turn, how our listeners understand an issue.”

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