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Jonah Goldberg: Cronkite ‘Overrated’ and Breitbart ‘a Friend’

Momma’s boy Jonah Goldberg is touting the new “journalism” of his buddy Andrew Breitbart in his latest column. Since last week, Breitbart‘s name has become a synonym for bullshit cloaked as journalism (like “an OJ” means “a stabbing” or an anti-gay Republican means “gay”). In order to make the point about how lopsided malicious propaganda is “progress,” Goldberg tries to to slay Walter Cronkite’s legacy. Which is like saying a Megan Fox bearded drag queen is the best thing to ever happen to acting because Maryl Streep isn’t all that great.

Column is here.

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    Keith Olbermann Takes on the ‘Liberal Media’

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Keith Olbermann, “Or get Jonah Goldberg to write a column where Jonah Goldberg will insist his mom told him conservatives have no voice in the media.”

    It had just been too long since we posted a Jonah joke. We couldn’t resist.

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  • Eric Boehlert Takes on Jonah Goldberg

    C_35437760.jpgMedia Matters’ Eric Boehlert‘s new column is titled, “Jonah Goldberg, a god-awful media critic”.

    You say ‘god-awful media critic’, we say ‘total tool’.

    Boehlert breaks down Goldberg’s recent piece in USA Today:

    Now, remember. According to Goldberg and USA Today, the Obama-media honeymoon angle was a no-brainer; the “examples” were self-evident. So, of course, diligent media critic Goldberg simply stuffed his column with irrefutable, stone-cold examples of the news media’s love affair, right? Not quite. Instead of facts or figures or even examples, readers got priceless nuggets like this:

    There’ve been no standing ovations — yet — with Obama, but there’s no denying that many in the news media are clapping on the inside.

    Clapping on the inside must be code for something. What the hell?

    Boehlert ends with:

    The painful lesson for USA Today? When you hire Jonah Goldberg to be a press critic, you get what you pay for.

    Uhm, no they don’t. That quip only works when someone posts for free. They totally don’t get what they pay for – either does the LAT when they scrape up their bankrupt bucks to give him cash.

    We say, if you’re a liberal – you should love that a numb nuts like Goldberg is your opposition. Low lying fruit.

    Can’t forget this his interview with Jon Stewart – BRILLIANT. “How is organic food fascist?” Also check out our earlier stories on Goldberg.

    Richard Mineards Laid Off From Santa Barbara News-Press

    richardmineards.jpg Craig Smith is reporting on his blog that Richard Mineards is out at News-Press.

    He writes:

    I’ve learned that Santa Barbara News-Press gossip columnist Richard Mineards (a.k.a. “London Britches”) was laid off from the paper yesterday.

    The Brit, who sometimes focused too much on the latest poop about the Royal family (that would be The House of Windsor, and not his employer and her boyfriend) instead of local items, had been with the News-Press since 2006.

    His December 16th column was his last one.

    With syndicated radio talk show host Dr. Laura having written her last twice-a-week column for the paper in mid-December, the News-Press no longer can claim to have a high profile columnist covering a topic other than sports.

    They can have Jonah Goldberg. Just a thought.

    Jonah Goldberg on Worst Persons

    Jonah Goldberg made it onto Keith Olbermann‘s Worst Persons list yesterday.

    Jonah Goldberg is the Alan Colmes of the LAT. Doesn’t exactly bring balance because well…he’s not that sharp for his side.

    A Cut On The Bias With New Web App

    spinspotter.jpgWe found out about Spinspotter (beta launch today) at BusinessWeek:

    A beta version of SpinSpotter, initially accessible only through the Firefox browser, goes live at on Sept. 8, as does a downloadable toolbar application the company call Spinoculars. When turned on in a user’s Web browser’s toolbar, Spinoculars scans Web pages and spots certain potential indicators of bias. The toolbar also will allow its users to flag phrases in news stories and opine on those called out by other Spinspotter users. The application’s algorithms work off six key tenets of spin and bias, which the company derived from both the guidelines of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code Of Ethics and input from an advisory board composed of journalism luminaries.

    Yeah, sounds pretty Owellian and creepy to us. Makes our head spin. Our stomachs churn. But we’re not in the business of correcting spin. We’re in the business of making fun of it. Totally different animal.

    So we talked to Karl Frisch, a spokesman for Media Matters, the progressive media watchdog based in Washington, DC. He said to FBLA, “This could prove to be an important tool for all those looking to hold the media accountable for failing to challenge the spin of those they report on. Now more than ever, the American people need to stand up and make sure the media hears their voice. Technology has leveled the playing field, allowing every day Americans to take action when they see flawed or misleading reports – the more tools people have at their disposal, the better.”

    Oh and according to the BusinessWeek article, Jonah Goldberg is involved in it. That could make it boring and ineffective. Cough.

    The Veep Stakes Sweep: A Round Up

    Well, the Fall television schedule has yet to debut. The Olympics are over. The hurricane was a dud. The DNC is over. And well, now it’s Republican week. And, Republicans are pretty boring unless their secret gay affairs become public. So, that’s why the press is all aflutter with all things Sarah Palin.

    Here’s a couple of our favorites:

  • WaPo‘s Richard Cohen compares Palin the horse Incitatus that was Caligula’s consul and priest.
  • Slate‘s John Dickerson details her ‘experience’ and asks what this means about McCain’s judgment.
  • NYT‘s Maureen Dowd calls this whole thing with Palin a chick flick.
  • Salon‘s Mike Madden writes about Hurricane Bristol.
  • Local Alaska site Mudflats says that Palin is McCain’s ‘Bridge to No Where’.
  • Reuter‘s John Whitesides says that McCain’s choice is the wrong kind of buzz.
  • HuffPo‘s Bonnie Fuller asks if Palin is exploiting her teenage daughter.
  • Michael Carey says that we don’t know Sarah Palin…but really doesn’t get into it after that.
  • Tucker Carlson is in love with her. Which would be on our suicide note.
  • Huffpo has an entire page of Palin coverage.
  • As usual, Jonah Goldberg has nothing interesting, original or of note to say – but is an LAT columnist anyway.
  • The Unconfirmed List of Those Laid Off at LAT

    InkStainedRetch at Tell Zell has a list of 80 people that are either taking a buyout or being fired.

    The list is here.

    And no – Sam Zell and Jonah Goldberg are not on it. That’s the first thing we checked.

    Jonah Goldberg is Still a Tool

    liberalf.jpgJonathan Karp, who was on Talk of the Nation yesterday (we podcast a day behind) had a piece in the Washington Post where, as a publisher discussed the state of the industry. His conclusion: Too many of what he deems ‘disposable’ books.

    He writes:

    Visit your neighborhood superstore, and you will be overwhelmed with ephemera: self-aggrandizing memoirs by recovering addicts; poignant portraits of heroic pets; hyperbolic ideological tracts by insufferable cable TV pundits; guides to staying wrinkle- and toxin-free; odes to Warren Buffett and Jesus Christ; manifestos for fixing America in 12 easy steps; manly accounts of the best athlete/season/team ever; and glittery novels about British royalty, love-starved shoppers, mournful cops and ingenious serial killers. (There are more novels about serial killers than there are actual serial killers.)

    He continues:

    …political provocateurs such as Jonah Goldberg, whose pointless thought exercise “Liberal Fascism” is just the latest example of what the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan once termed “boob bait for the bubbas.” Authors such as Goldberg serve up red meat for their constituencies while cable broadcasters fill airtime with their extreme, quasi-entertaining notions — in this case, the “parallels” between Nazi policies and those of such Democratic leaders as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Books of this ilk have always existed. But in the past, they’ve been balanced by substantive books, crafted by monomaniacal authors who devoted years to the work.

    The good news is he didn’t mention that Goldberg is employed at the LA Times. We got to save a little face there.

    LAT In 90 Seconds

    36893205.jpgAnthony Minghella Dies: The Oscar-winning director of The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain was 54.

    36893849-18100145.jpgHitting The Nail On Its Ugly Head: Jonah Goldberg explains why Barack Obama hasn’t done enough to bring true unity to his campaign.

    36878534-17210852.jpgIs There An Editor In The House? Note to the Page One editors: We (Heart) John Glionna, but not every story he pitches needs to be a Column One.

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