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Morning Media Newsfeed: News Crews Witness Airstrike | Time Warner Stock Surges

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NBC News Crew Witnesses Gaza Airstrike (TVNewser)
NBC News correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin and his crew witnessed an Israeli airstrike that killed four children at a port in Gaza Wednesday. Mohyeldin, who was also caught in the crossfire as Israeli soldiers fired rubber bullets on crowds in East Jerusalem earlier this month, called in to the West Coast edition of Today to describe what he saw, saying it was “a chaotic scene.” TVNewser Hours later, it was chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel who reported the story for Nightly News. FishbowlDC On Wednesday afternoon’s The Lead With Jake Tapper, the CNN host spoke over the phone with the Wall Street Journal’s Middle East correspondent Nick Casey for what proved to be a very intense interview. Casey was located near where the strike took place. Mashable The four children were killed by Israeli airstrikes that hit in close proximity to al-Deira Hotel, a Gaza City hotel full of foreign journalists. The attack came at around 4 p.m. local time and appeared to be the result of a naval shell. At least two additional children were injured, according to local reports. THR The BBC has defended its coverage of the latest Israeli air strikes in Gaza among accusations that the British public broadcaster is too pro-Israeli in its reporting on the region’s escalating conflict. The conflict has been the subject of extensive BBC news coverage, but a prominent pro-Palestine group claims the broadcaster’s programs have been systematically “entirely devoid of context or background.” The Palestine Solidarity Campaign posted an online open letter to BBC director general Tony Hall criticizing the broadcaster for not illustrating what it considers key aspects of the conflict.

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Morning Media Newsfeed: Vargas Detained, Released | Abramson Books Two Interviews

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Jose Antonio Vargas Released From Federal Custody in Texas (TVNewser)
Jose Antonio Vargas, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who was the focus of the recent CNN documentary Documented, was released from the custody of U.S. Border Patrol agents Tuesday evening. FishbowlDC Vargas was detained in McAllen, Texas Tuesday, days after speculating that he may be stuck in the border town. On Friday, Vargas wrote an essay for Politico, where he described his visit to a children’s shelter for Central American refugees. FishbowlNY Vargas was leaving the town to go to a screening of his film in Los Angeles when he was arrested. He was brought to a border patrol station for questioning. Supporters and members of the media gathered across the street, and were warned that if they approached the station any closer, they would also be arrested. HuffPost Vargas flew to the border last week to interview and film undocumented immigrants who have fled their home countries in Central America due to escalating violence. A TSA agent at the McAllen-Miller Airport initially cleared Vargas’ Philippines-issued passport when he attempted to board a flight Tuesday morning. He was placed into custody soon after, however, when he couldn’t produce a U.S. visa at the request of a border patrol agent. Politico / Dylan Byers on Media Vargas, who won a Pulitzer as part of a Washington Post team in 2008, has become an outspoken advocate for undocumented immigrants after “coming out” as undocumented in a New York Times story in 2011.

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Update: Jose Antonio Vargas’ Arrest is Trending in NYC

jose antonio vargas

Photo via @ryangrim

Jose Antonio Vargas, the journalist who outed himself as an undocumented immigrant in The New York Times, has been arrested and detained. The news quickly spread through Twitter, and is trending in New York, according to Trendsmap.

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Jose Antonio Vargas: ‘Journalism is Everything I’ve Ever Had’


Jose Antonio Vargas introducing his film, Documented, at the Museum of the Moving Image on Thursday.

Last night, Jose Antonio Vargas‘ film Documented premiered in New York at the Museum of the Moving Image. The documentary, written and directed by the Pulitzer Prize-winner, chronicles his journey from outing himself as an illegal immigrant in The New York Times and his cross-country campaign for immigration reform. “This is not the film I envisioned to make, but it’s the film I needed to make,” Vargas said, when he introduced the film.

Vargas’ piece in the Times made waves when it was published back in 2011, recounting how he was smuggled into the U.S. from the Philippines at the age of 12, and how he built a successful career as a journalist. The film shows the behind-the-scenes planning that went into the whole ordeal and the consequences that followed. “I thought I could write my way into America, that was my plan,” he said.

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Group Plans Protest of New York Times for Use of ‘Illegal Immigrant’

The tide against the use of “illegal immigrant” has been swelling for weeks. Now, a giant wave of protest is about to come crashing down on the New York Times. Tomorrow at 12:00 pm, a group of activists led by Fernando Chavez and Pulitzer Prize winner Jose Antonio Vargas, will protest in front of the Times building, demanding that the paper stop using “illegal immigrant.”

The group will have with it a petition from the Applied Research Center’s “Drop the I-Word” campaign featuring over 70,000 signatures that support the mission.

After the Associated Press announced it would no longer use “illegal immigrant,” the Times’ public editor wrote that the paper was considering dropping the phrase. Maybe this protest will make them act a little faster.

Student Journalists Kept Vargas’ Secret for Over a Month

Yet another interesting aspect of the Jose Antonio Vargas story emerged today. According to a Patch in Mountain View, California, Vargas confessed his secret about six weeks ago to a room full of student journalists for the Mountain View High School paper The Oracle.

Vargas aparently asked them to keep it a secret, which they gladly did:

Behind the closed-door of room 415, the fluorescent white lights and a complete hush filled the room. The unexpected disclosure of the information, [Kenneth] Troxell [Assistant Editor at The Oracle] acknowledged, instantly bonded them with Vargas.

‘I think that especially because he was an Oracle and he went to MVHS, we felt camaraderie for him,’ Troxell said, who met Vargas for the first time that day. ‘Oracle is a tight knit group and we are all friends. He’s a friend and an Oracle, and that was the reason we wanted to keep his secret.’

It’s a touching story. These kids, who might have had the scoop of their early careers on their hands, decided to wait out of respect for the person involved. Makes you wonder how many adult journalists would do the same thing.

Patch Reporter Keeps Very Big Journalist Secret

Long before this week’s shocking headlines about the illegal immigrant status of Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Jose Antonio Vargas (pictured), a group of Northern California students heard his impromptu confession.

It happened on May 11th, in a Mountain View High School classroom, following the reporter’s breakfast keynote. What’s arguably most remarkable about the whole thing is that even though one of the people in the class, 18-year-old William Beare, is a Patch contributor, he quietly sat on the story… for six weeks!

With the cat out of the bag, Patch Mountain View local editor Claudia Cruz is now able to recount the circumstances of the surprise Q&A admission by Vargas, who was once editor of the high school’s Oracle newspaper. Beare deserves tremendous kudos for not running with with what would have amounted to Patch’s second biggest scoop so far:

According to Beare, the depth of conversation between the students and Vargas, and the poignant question of one outgoing and outspoken girl who asked for more validation from Vargas about “why could he write about illegal immigration,” may have played a role in the revelation.

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Why The Washington Post Passed on the Vargas Story

Yesterday FishbowlNY told you about the fascinating revelation by Jose Antonio Vargas that he was an illegal immigrant. We also mentioned that a piece by Vargas would be published in the upcoming New York Times Magazine, and as the day went on, we found out that The Washington Post had passed on the story.

It was a puzzling decision, especially since it’s such an interesting tale and Vargas had won a Pulitzer for his work at the Post. Today, we get some insight into why, exactly, the paper let Vargas’ story go to another outlet. Apparently the piece was all set to run in the Post’s Outlook section, when concerns over some facts in Vargas’ article arose:

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Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Reveals He’s an Illegal Immigrant

Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, has told ABC News that he is an illegal immigrant. Vargas has decided to unveil this secret because he hopes that the spotlight that will inevitably follow him will lead to Congress passing the DREAM act, a bill that would allow immigrant children to become citizens if they go to college or serve in the military.

Vargas’ success makes his confession that much more powerful. He won a Pulitzer for his coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings for The Washington Post and at one point got the elusive Mark Zuckerberg to agree to an interview. Despite all of that, his citizenship status weighed heavily on him:

I wasn’t supposed to be there. I wasn’t supposed to be walking with Mark Zuckerberg. I wasn’t supposed to be interviewing Romney’s sons. Why was I doing it? Because I wanted to survive. I wanted to live. I wanted to earn what it means to be an American.

Vargas’ story is one that needs to be highlighted. It helps erase the stereotype that proponents of anti-immigration laws push.

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HuffPost Technology|CNBC Cancels Kneale|A Newspaper Bailout Bill?| Blogger’s Plea Could Save Magazine|Times Co. Corrects SEC Filing

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WebNewser: The Huffington Post launched its new technology section today. It’s being edited by former Washington Post national reporter Jose Antonio Vargas.

TVNewser: CNBC canceled former Forbes managing editor Dennis Kneale‘s “CNBC Reports,” but he’ll still anchor the network’s “Power Lunch.”

Toledo Blade: President Barack Obama said he would be open to a possible newspaper bailout bill. “I haven’t seen detailed proposals yet, but I’ll be happy to look at them,” he told reporters from The Toledo Blade and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The New York Times: blogger Andrew Sullivan asked readers to subscribe to the print version of The Atlantic and it worked. “Within two days after last Monday’s post, Mr. Sullivan’s appeal pulled in 75 percent of the subscriptions that the Web site draws in a typical month…The Atlantic expects this month’s subscription orders to be double an average month’s.”

Associated Press: The New York Times Co. has corrected some errors in an SEC filing relating to stock options granted to CEO Janet Robinson and Arthur Sulzberger Jr.