There’s an intriguing profile in the Jewish Journal of Josh Neuman, the 40-year-old who this summer stepped into the role of GOOD editorial director and head of programming after all those highly publicized layoffs. He’s someone the publication knows quite well, thanks to his previous days as editor of Jewish mag Heeb. Article author Jonah Lowenfeld was once an unpaid contributor to Heeb, and several of Neuman’s new hires are people who previously worked for that publication.

So what does the revamped online version of GOOD look like? Neuman explains a good chunk has to do with a pair of home-grown verticals:

Posts are organized into two categories: Learns, which teach and inform, and Dos, which are aimed at spurring readers to some kind of action — anything from moving their cell phones and tablets out of their bedrooms to signing an anti-corruption pledge to get the money out of politics.

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